Method for selecting rice and wheat thresher


Newly designed model 125 large rice and wheat thresher is Aike Machinery develop a new threshing machine. The equipment is designed according to the transmission requirements of traditional rice and wheat thresher equipment. The device selectable between the motor and the spindle is driven by a V-belt and pulley drive method. The V-belt and the pulley are selected to determine the type, length, and a number of the V-belt from the transmission parameters of the V-belt. And then determine the data, layout, and dimensions of the guide wheel, the center distance of the transmission, and the pressure of the pulley on the shaft.

Because during the operation of 125 large rice and wheat thresher, the transmission V-belt is a flexible member. Which is elastic and can cushion, so that the shock is reduced, thus making the thresher work smooth and low noise. Although there are some conflicts between the V-belt and the pulley during the transmission process, the relative sliding of the two causes the transmission ratio to be incorrect but does not affect the transmission of the thresher.

Because the threshing machine does not need the correct transmission ratio, only the gear ratio is correct and can freely write, and the elastic sliding of the V-belt is overload maintenance of some tension parts of the thresher. Which does not form severe damage to the body parts, and the V-belt and the layout of the belt are simple and formed. There are also V-belts and belts with a simple layout, a background, a simple patch and cherish, and easy assembly. Therefore, it is very reasonable to use V-belt and pulley transmission between the motor and the thresher.

Solution OF Rice and Wheat Thresher

We use the thresher to feed too much or feed unevenly; there is too much threshing gap between the bar and the concave plate. The rotation speed of the drum is too low; the grain is too moist, which is the reason for the degranulation. Below, model 125 large rice and wheat thresher manufacturers introduce the solution to the threshing machine.
1. Cut the feed amount and feed evenly.
2. Accurately adjust the threshing gap, and wear parts with tight wear should be replaced in time.
3. The pulley of the power machine should be matched with the pulley of the thresher. The pulley should slip. The tensioner should adjust to tighten the belt.
4. The cereals with too much straw should properly ventilate, and then threshed after drying.

Advantages of Paddy Wheat Rice Thresher machine 125

1. The work clothes are high, can receive 3-5 acres/hour per hour;
2. One machine is multi-purpose and the model is light;
3. Can not only harvest rice wheat ears but also chopped rice wheat straw to achieve the purpose of returning straw to the field;
4. The unit and the small dragging machine are used together, and the unit dragging machine can use to do other operations;
5. The design is simple and reasonable, easy to repair is energy-saving, after the harvester.

Method for selecting rice and wheat thresher

First, there are no cracks, burrs.
Whether the appearance of the joint is smooth and smooth. Such as the piston ring and the working appearance of the piston have burrs, which will cause the pulling cylinder. The flywheel has cracks, and the explosion may occur. Check these parts, can lift up, tapped with metal, listen to the sound to determine whether there is a crack, the sound is crisp. Parts found to rust, mildew or aging should not purchase.

Second, whether there is deformation, whether the geometric size meets the requirements.
If the parts are stored inaccurately, they are prone to deformation. For shaft parts such as valve stems and camshafts, the push rod or camshaft can place flat on the counter glass, and it can rotate one turn to observe the journal of the push rod or camshaft. If there is light leakage, it indicates that bending. When purchasing all types of molded gaskets, check the geometry and shape.

Third, the appearance of the protective layer is complete.
Many paddy wheat rice thresher machine accessories are cherished at the factory. If the cylinder liner is cherished with paraffin, if the wax layer on the part is lost, the sealed bag is damaged and the sealing coating is cracked, it should replace.

Fourth, there are no signs of rust, mildew, aging.
During storage, if the temperature and humidity in the warehouse do not match the requirements or other organic solvents are present. The metal parts will rust, and the parts such as paper mats and cork mats will mildew and spoil, and the rubber parts will age.

Fifth. Whether there are signs of loosening, degumming, and de-soldering.
Some accessories are combined with more than two parts. For example, the plunger and the arm of the oil pump are combined by press-fitting, and there is no sign of looseness between them. When purchasing paper filter elements and other parts, it is necessary to have detailed signs of debonding at the joints; when purchasing electrical parts, it is necessary to meticulously remove the signs of de-welding.

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