Method for judging the quality of corn harvester


With the rapid development of the economy and the acceleration of productivity, the demand for corn harvesters in the agricultural market is getting higher and higher. Especially in the past few years, with the increasing number of corn harvester manufacturers, the market competition pressure is getting bigger and bigger. And at the same time, it has also achieved the advantages of continuous innovation of corn harvester technology, continuous improvement of operation management, and increasing production materials. In this competition, Aike Machinery continues to develop and produce harvester equipment to produce 2 rows of tractor mounted corn harvester. The device has been welcomed by users since its launch.

The advantages of Aike Machinery corn harvester

1. The structure is simple, it is convenient for real-time operation, which greatly reduces the work operation of the staff.
2. The harvesting capacity is large, the loss is reduced, thus avoiding waste.
3. Hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester machine has a strong harvesting capacity, 2-3 times higher than the average corn harvester.
4. Long service life, one investment, long-term income, greatly saving the cost and time of investors.

Method of identifying the quality of a corn harvester

First, the assembled corn harvester identification method:
Assembled corn harvester is based on a scrapped corn harvester. With a large number of old parts, plus a part of new parts, illegally assembled corn harvesters, after a simple painting process, shoddy, pit damage consumption by. The assembled corn harvester has the following characteristics:
1. In the chassis section, especially the walking system, old parts can be found.
2. There is no factory certificate, even if the certificate is provided, there is a trace of alteration. Or there is no seal of the product inspection certificate and the inspector of the manufacturer or the number of the certificate is inconsistent with the steel plate number of the engine and the frame.
3. There is no official invoice for the main channel sales company. If purchased at the corn harvester’s place of origin, the counterfeiter cannot provide the manufacturer’s formal sales invoice.

Second, the refurbished small corn harvester identification method:
Some of the poor quality small corn harvesters have a long-term backlog and are rusty. Dealers usually repaint their camouflage before selling.

Buyers should pay attention to two points:
1. Look at the nameplate. The small corn harvester that was shipped from the factory has a clear nameplate and a bright plating. If there is any trace of paint on the nameplate, it means that the spray layer is sprayed later, which is a small corn harvester with quality and backlog.
2. In some conspicuous parts, you can find two different colors of paint. If you use a fingernail to gently scrape it, you can see the upper and lower paint layers, which means it is a refurbished small corn harvester.
3. New mode farm harvesting machine small corn harvester has good quality and good performance. Users can personally test the machine when they choose.

Aike Machinery’s professional tractor mounted corn harvester manufacturer, we produce corn harvester equipment with good technology and high performance, which is welcomed and used by many users. Welcome everyone to visit the test machine.

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