Method for improving the working efficiency of peanut sheller


Maintenance of peanut thresher

With the continuous development of agriculture, most of the machines now replace the traditional labor force. Peanut machinery is also appearing more and more. Excellent quality peanut thresher/groundnut threshing machine plays an important role in our lives. So how do you maintain the peanut thresher when it is used?

1. We all know that the groundnut threshing machine is driven by a V-belt. After the new belt is used for some time, it will gradually become slack under the action of the pulling force. Then it needs to adjust according to the actual situation, adjust the tightening wire drawing and tensioning wheel.

2. When the machine is in use, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of each part. Check whether the fastening bolt is loose or not. If it is loose, it should tighten in time. Pay attention to whether the fan blade is worn or broken. Whether the reinforcing plate is subject to wear or deformation, if it is found to be problematic, should repair and replaced it in time.

3. For some live joint bearings, it is necessary to check-in time whether there is any shortage of oil and wear. If there is an oil shortage, it is necessary to replace it in time.

4. The temperature of different parts should appropriate. The temperature of the motor should not exceed 60 ° C, the temperature of the bearing should not exceed 25 ° C, the temperature of the motor can not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature is too high to find the reason for the timely investigation.

5. After the processing is finished, large-scale inspection of the machine is required. After the inspection is completed, we should repair the damaged part. Should clean the residue in the machine, should oil the bearing, should remove the belt, and should place the accessories in the warehouse to facilitate the use of the next season.

After the inspection, repair the damaged parts to remove dirt and residual peanuts from the machine. Remove the belt and place the peanut thresher in a dry warehouse for storage, and the belt needs to hang on a dark indoor wall.

Method for improving the working efficiency of peanut sheller

In recent years, with the steady and rapid development of China’s economy and the large demand for peanut thresher/groundnut threshing machine due to the development of China’s western region. The market for the threshing machine industry in China has been widely developed, especially the peanut thresher. How to improve peanuts? What is the working efficiency of the thresher? Below peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller factory, Aike Machinery introduces it to everyone.

1. Material selection is the key. Pay attention to the hardness of the material when selecting materials. The harder the material is, the more difficult it is to peel off the material and the more severe the wear on the equipment. The speed of shelling is slow and the ability to peel naturally is small.

2. Peanut thresher with dust removal sheller’s peanut fruit if there is grass, its mulch, its peanut stem is too much. The peanut thresher shelling machine after its work for a period of time, in the peanut threshing the direction of the flow of the machine. The bottom of the peanut thresher will form a grass ball to block its peanut fruit to the fruit and fight, please clear it regularly. Otherwise, its peanut fruit will be from its two sides flowing on its ground is not conducive to the work of the sheller.

3. The material after threshing has high requirements for the fineness of peeling. That is, the finer the material required to be threshed, the smaller the threshing ability. Moreover, the composition of the threshed material, the more fine powder contained in the material before degranulation, the more the shelling is affected because these fine powders tend to adhere to affect the transport.

In addition, to improve the production efficiency of peanut thresher. Especially if it needs to be threshed in winter because it is already very dry. We need to spray evenly on 50 kg of peeled fruit with about 10 kg of warm water to make the peanut skin slightly Moisten so that it is easier to thresh again.

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