Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine Working Principle


With the development of the market and the needs of users, the single-production agricultural equipment can no longer meet the production needs of users. The same is true for corn threshers. Therefore, Aike Machinery develops and produces an ear of corn that can be both corn threshed and corn. Shelling equipment, Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine, the equipment are sought after by the user as soon as it enters the market.

Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine working principle

When the device is used for shelling, the corn cob enters the drum chamber through the feeding port. The driving shaft is the core of the whole corn shelling machine. The driving shaft is provided with a spiral strip and a rubber nail, and the driving shaft is matched with the driving shaft through the gear. The drive shaft is also the rubber shaft we usually refer to. The bearing seats at both ends of the drive shaft are not on the same level. The spindle is detached by rotation, friction, extrusion, and advancement. The corn husks and corn cobs are automatically removed from their respective the outlet is discharged.
When using Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine for threshing, the first turn on the power put the corn shaft into the delivery port, the corn will automatically enter the drum, the corn shaft will rotate, and then the blade inside the drum will thresh the corn until the corn is threshed clean. The threshed corn shaft and corn kernels are automatically separated and each is discharged from a different outlet.
Of course, after understanding the working principle of the Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine, it is necessary to pay attention to safety when using it. When the equipment is found to be shelled or threshed, if the card is wrapped around the shaft, the power should be cut off immediately. Can not be charged for processing, safety first.


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