Maintenance work and precautions of garlic harvester


The cause of the failure of the garlic harvester

First, many people will face such a trajectory. The new design tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine is not needed. Its organization is that the transmission gear is not closed, or the gear square hole is worn in the row of the shaft head. When it comes to finishing the garlic harvester, it must be replaced from time to time.

Second, there are some very special garlic harvester seeding machines that don’t work. The cause is very special. Some seeding machines are blocked by other flower species in the seedbox, and the other protections will be protected immediately. Clean, of course, the garlic leaf planter has a mild nature and any combination of the grooved wheel is broken. When it is necessary to change the tip, if there is any kind of box insert, it is just open.

Third, the seed metering device at the moment of seeding, because there is a seeding device in the field is not led to the flower species. The causes is the opener or blocked in the seed tube, the cockroach will also immediately protect the opener or in the inside of the seed, tube to block the inside. In addition to the corresponding measures to avoid other participation in the opener.

Fourth, in the multiple rows tractor front mounted garlic harvest machine planting time, I did not expect to lose the rank restraint. The reason is to leave the gap too flower name, it is reasonable to use the tip again and then clear it, leaving the gap under the arrangement.

Fifth, the garlic harvester is intermittent and planted at the time of seeding. The cause is that the transmission gear meshing gap is too large, the gear is slippery, and it is sorted out at the time. For example, the clutch spring of the garlic leaf planter is too weak, and the gear should be slippery. At the time, the clerk sorted out or updated the spring.

Overhaul of garlic harvester

1. Equipment failure must be handled in a timely manner, which can also reduce and prevent the occurrence of faults;
2. The garlic harvester should maintain in accordance with the maintenance and repair procedures, which can also prevent the occurrence of malfunctions;
3. Regardless of the size of the fault must eliminate in time. In order to reduce the possibility of causing a larger fault, and can ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
4. When using the China tractor front mounted garlic harvester machine on a daily basis, it is necessary to check it regularly to understand the operation status of the equipment. It is necessary to deal with temporary failures in a timely manner. Remember not to delay the repair due to small failures, resulting in more More faults.

Use precautions of garlic harvester

Every part of the garlic harvester determines the excavating ability of the excavator, so it is very high. For example, the structure type and geometric parameters of the digging shovel directly affect the excavation resistance, which affects the pick-up rate. The excavation rate and harvest quality indicators such as damage rate.
The excavator parts we have specified are fixed, driven and combined, in which it is required to dig the stems of the fruit as much as possible while excavating the soil and avoid cutting the stems. The excavation depth is stable and can be adjusted as needed. In order to ensure that the bandits can pass along the spatula. In order to avoid entanglement and bauxite during work, it is required that the excavating parts can be automatically cleaned. The traction resistance is small, and the wear resistance of the cutting edge is good.

Follow-up work after the garlic harvester is used up

1. First, shake off the soil;
2. Use a knife to cut and place the roots of the garlic;
3. Use a knife to cut off the garlic straw and gather the garlic;
4. Bagging garlic;
5. Move the garlic bag to the transportation vehicle;
6. Ship the garlic to the drying place.
The use of the China tractor front mounted garlic harvester machine not only saves energy but also greatly increases work efficiency. The user can do the maintenance work of the equipment and follow the corresponding rules when using it, which can reduce the probability of equipment failure.

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