Maintenance Program of Multi-Function Peanut Planter


Tractor mounted 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter, as a representative of replacing manual farming, has gradually become a piece of powerful auxiliary equipment in modern planting management. The advanced design and advanced ideas on the peanut seeder reflect the development and changes of modern agricultural planting forms.

However, after the equipment is used, maintenance is essential. Henan Hexie Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces the maintenance procedure of peanut seeders.

Maintenance Program of Multi-Function Peanut Planter

1. China peanut planter equipment should fill the oiling points in time before work to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. Lost or damaged parts should be replenished, replaced and repaired in time. Be careful not to apply oil to gears and chains to avoid sticking to the soil and increasing wear.

2. Each row of seed wheels has the same working length and the same displacement. The planter’s seed volume adjustment mechanism is flexible, and there must no slipping or emptying.

3. Disc opener the disc rotates flexibly, it must not shake, and it does not rub against the opener body.

4. Before and after each shift and during work, should clean up the soil in each part of the planter, and special attention should be paid to removing the dirt and oil on the transmission system.

5. After the end of each shift, the fertilizer in the fertilizer box of the peanut planter should be cleaned up to prevent the fertilizer from corroding the fertilizer box and the exhausting part. Check whether the seeding shaft and the fertilizer shaft can rotate flexibly.

6. After each shift, the planter should be parked in a dry and covered shed. When parking in the open air, cover the fertilizer box tightly. When parking, the ditch is lowered, and the support is lowered to support the machine body stably, so as to reduce unnecessary load on the frame of the planter.

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