Maintenance attention points of Multi-Function Peanut Planter


Peanut planter with fertilizer machine is mechanical equipment that is often used in peanut planting. The equipment is a dry farming agricultural machine with mature technology and reliable performance. It can complete multiple processes such as sowing, fertilizing, spraying, laminating and membrane building on one operation, which is 20-30 times of artificial sowing efficiency. The machine has excellent performance, compact structure, convenient adjustment, and use, and is well received by users.

Maintenance attention points of Multi-Function Peanut Planter

China peanut planter equipment is evenly spaced, with the same depth. The Film coating specification compacted soil. It has the effects of heat preservation, water retention, yield increase, and income increase. It is fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter. It has reduced the physical labor intensity of farmers and improved production efficiency. It promotes very quickly in recent years and has become a good helper for farmers.

Using the machine, users should pay attention to the following maintenance points.

(1) During the working process, the equipment should always check whether the opener has serious wear. If the wear is serious, the worn parts of the opener should replace in time. After the replacement, the cutters of the opener should adjust the teeth to the proper position to make them stable. If multiple parts are replaced at the same time, all the teeth should remove, and the available old teeth should reassign to ensure balanced and reliable use after installation.

(2) Since the China peanut planter equipment is in different areas and the working environment is different, the user should carefully observe the lubrication of the main transmission components before working. When the joint parts of the universal joint shaft are relatively dry, should add them in time. Butter to ensure its good lubricity, while checking whether the rotating parts are involved in weeds or other stolen goods, if present, should remove in time.

(3) When the peanut planter is driving on the road and in the field, try not to load too much other unrelated items, try not to carry out over speed work and overload operation, and carry out overload and over speed work for a long period of time, which causes the transmission parts of the planter to stress. Excessively large, poor lubrication conditions can increase the wear of critical components and shorten the life of the engine. At the same time, the lower parts such as the opener and the seed meter should be raised when turning at the ground to avoid damage caused by bumping.

In short, the peanut planter plays an important role in ensuring the high yield of peanut. Only by mastering the correct use and maintenance methods can the peanut planter work efficiency and work efficiency be created, and the peanut production will be good at the beginning of planting. Foundation to increase peanut yield and quality.

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