Main components and functions of corn harvesters


First, the picking device

2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester main function of the picking device is to remove the corn ears from the stalks. It mainly consists of a divider, a picking roller, a picking rack, a header guard, a packing box and a feeding chain.

1. Fuhe
When the harvester is working, the fusiform device first contacts the guide plate of the front cone of the crop to support and guide the corn plant to be harvested into the picking lane to pick up the ear.

2. Picking box
The function of the packing box is to transmit the power transmitted from the intermediate shaft to the picking roller and the chain. The picking gearbox is mainly composed of a box, a gear, and a safety clutch. The function of the safety gear of the picking gearbox is to automatically disengage the joint when the resistance of the machine is too large, so as to protect the machine.

3. Picking roller
The picking roll is a pair of sticks having spiral ribs and helical claws on the surface and rotating toward each other, and the corn plants pass through the gap between the two sticks and take off the corn ears.

4. Cut grass cutter
The function of the grasscutter is to cut off the weeds wrapped around the picking roller. During the operation of the harvester and prevent the clogging of the picking path and the damage of the working parts of the harvester due to excessive entanglement of the grass on the picking roller.

5. Dial the chain
The function of the chain is to transport the corn plants entering the machine back into the gap between the picking rolls. A tensioning device is provided at the front of the chain to tension the chain.

Second, the conveyor

Corn Harvester conveyors include horizontal conveyors and ear conveyors.
1. Horizontal conveyor
The horizontal conveyor is located at the rear of the picking table, and the ears delivered by the picking rolls are sent to the ear lifter. It mainly consists of conveyor housing, conveyor chain palladium, drive shaft, passive shaft, drive sprocket, passive sprocket, and tensioning mechanism.

2. The ear lifter
The main function of the ear lift is to transport the ears delivered by the horizontal conveyor to the ear box. The ear lifter is located on the right side of the horizontal conveyor and is mainly composed of the elevator shell. The conveyor chain palladium, the transmission mechanism, and the tensioning mechanism.

Third, the peeling device

The main function of the Corn Harvester peeling device is to separate the corn ears from the leaves. It is mainly composed of a presser, a peeling roller and the like.

Four, mixing and collecting ear device

1. Clear fan machine
The cleaning fan is mainly used to blow the impurities in the ear from the rear end of the elevator to avoid falling into the ear box, which affects the cleanliness.
2. The gearbox
The ear box is located at the rear end of the harvester and is mounted on the ear box bracket. Its main function is to concentrate the ears, and when they are full. They are unloaded into the prepared transport vehicle or opened to the designated place for unloading.

Five, stalk crushing device

The function of the stalk pulverizer is to directly smash the corn stalks from which the ears are removed. Its structure is mainly composed of the returning machine shell, the V-belt drive system. The cutter shaft, the ground roller, the suspension mechanism and the like.

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