Live demonstration of two harvesters


Last week, our company successfully held a live demonstration of a tractor mounted corn harvester and pepper harvester. The demonstration effect has been well received by many users. Let me introduce you to the two harvester equipment we showed in the presentation.

2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester

China’s corn has been trapped in grain damage during mechanical harvesting. In order to ensure the integrity of corn and the fresh food supply processing market, corn has been in the state of traditional artificial harvesting. And its harvesting cost is high, and the rate of artificial harvest loss is also a major problem.

Therefore, according to the needs of the market and users, Hexie Machinery has developed 2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester. The use of the device not only improves the efficiency of the user harvesting the corn but also greatly reduces the damage of the corn kernel. When watching the demonstration of our company’s corn harvester, the users expressed their affirmation and praise after seeing the harvest effect of zero damage of corn. Users said that the weakest link in China’s corn industry chain has finally been filled, and they are no longer worried about large-scale planting.

Pepper harvester

In the subsequent live demonstration of the pepper harvester, we launched three revolutionary innovative features. Installed in the pepper harvesting machine’s cleaning mechanism, de-branch separation mechanism, and bin automatic loading two-in-one device. These three new features redefine the effects of pepper harvesting and pepper harvesting efficiency. In the past, after the pepper harvester had finished collecting the peppers, because there were a large number of branches in the bin, it was necessary to manually sort the branches, which greatly increased the cost of harvesting the peppers.

Unloading time is also a factor in the efficiency of the loss of pepper harvester. The three innovative functions of our company’s pepper harvesting machine, The miscellaneous rate of pepper after harvest is reduced by 80% compared to the same type of mechanical harvest on the market. Together with the two-in-one device, the pepper is directly transported to the service vehicle and directly eliminated. Eliminated the time for unloading grain. Raise our pepper harvesting machinery to a new height.

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