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Corn Thresher use and scope of application

This machine is mainly used for threshing of crops such as wheat, soybean, big wheat, rice, sorghum, millet, and rape. It has a simple structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and high efficiency. The machine has the characteristics of high removal rate and low breakage rate, which can shorten the harvest period and greatly save labor. It is widely used in wheat, rice and millet areas such as rural areas, plains, mountainous areas and hills, and is well received by users. welcome.

Soybean thresher main structure

(1) The machine mainly consists of feeding platform, frame, gravure screen, drum, cover, main fan, hair dryer, electric motor or (diesel), vibrating screen and traction guiding device.
(2) The machine has three fans, and there is a detaching casing fan, which is cleaner.
(3) In order to improve the cleanliness of the grain, the threshing machine is designed with a secondary cleaning fan, and a secondary cleaning fan is provided. The wheat bran and the sundries can be discharged outside the machine through the fan, and the grain falls into the bottom of the vibrating screen. , out of the food outlet, artificial bagging. There are two types of machines: one is for the motor as the power, and the other is for the diesel engine. Therefore, when purchasing the thresher, the user should purchase according to his own power supply.



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