Large Corn Thresher


Maintenance of corn thresher before using

a. Check that all the fastening bolts are tightened, especially the bolts on the threaded rods on the drum should be carefully checked and tightened.
b.Should keep the transmission belt intact and the tightness should be in accordance with the regulations.
c. Check whether the cleaning screen is intact.
d. Check whether the fan works normally and whether the channels of each component are unblocked.
e. Lubricate all the rotating and friction parts that should lubricate
perform an empty test run and test threshing work. New machines and machines that have been parked for a long time after maintenance must carry out in strict accordance with the test run procedures of the manual before use to prevent accidents.‘’


Introduce for Large corn thresher

The new corn threshing machine saves time and effort, has been widely used, and is well received by users. The two-barrel corn thresher only needs to pour the initially dried corn cob into the fully automatic pit and automatically complete it under the driving of the power equipment. Feeding, eliminating the trouble of manual loading, saving time and effort greatly improving work efficiency.

The new automatic two-barrel corn thresher is re-examined and cleaned, with a high removal rate and low breakage rate. The re-examination and re-selection include secondary screening and suction cleaning, and the mesh sieve device effectively removes corn kernels and broken corn. The core is separated, and the light and small particles are removed by the suction device to adapt to various working places.

Our factory produced the corn thresher is novel, compact, sturdy and durable, easy to use and adjust, occupying a small field with high output, saving labor and time. And can complete re-testing operations such as threshing, air selection and screening at one time. The machine has a low breakage rate, high cleanliness rate, high efficiency, greatly improved efficiency, and reduced the burden on farmers’ friends. It is the first choice of every farmer’s friend. When you buy the corn thresher from Aike Machinery, you can buy it. Is the quality, supporting products are: climbing machine (loading machine), conveyor, bag machine (Auger).

Features for large corn thresher

a. The utility model has the advantages of complete functions, small volume, lightweight, dust-free, environmental protection, energy-saving, high depacking rate, low breaking rate, safety and reliability, convenient movement, simple operation, and long service life.

b. The negative pressure dust removal technology and closed threshing can make the dust and debris generated by corn in the threshing and screening process pass through the dust removal port and the general dust bag. Thereby, the working environment is improved and the health of the worker is ensured.

c. Reasonable improvement of the structure of the threshing barrel not only improves production efficiency but also applies to corn with large moisture and corn harvester with a small amount of corn husk.

d. The foreign matter disposed of in the lower part of the threshing machine conveying trough is discharged from the sieve hole. And the foreign matter such as ice, snow, sand and the like which are carried away from the corn can be separated and discharged before entering the separation chamber, thereby reducing the impurity content in the grain.

e. The grading screening and the dust-removing structure of the negative pressure air-selecting machine can separate the crushed Hu, the granules and the debris, and improve the cleanliness of the grain. With the grain lifting structure, the grain can be directly loaded and bagged.

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