Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester


As one of the main crops in China and the world, corn is a heavy workload in the whole production process from sowing, field management, and harvesting. According to the progress of agricultural mechanization, there is an urgent need for a corn harvester that can be harvested and chopped. In response to the wishes of the majority of farmers, our factory developed the knapsack corn automatic corn harvester, which was favored by the majority of farmers when it was introduced to the market.

The advantage of Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester

1. It can not only harvest corn ear but also chop the corn cob to achieve the purpose of returning straw to the field.
2. The corn harvester is energy-saving and can be easily operated with a single-cylinder tractor of 18 horsepower or more.
3. This machine is multi-purpose, light and flexible.
4. The unit is used in conjunction with a small tractor. The tractor can be removed for other operations.
5. High work efficiency, can receive 3-5 acres per hour.
6. Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester design is simple and reasonable, easy to overhaul.



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