Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester

Main Features

Today, China Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester manufacturer Aike has a brief introduction to the main features of the device:

Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester, 2 rows corn maize mini combine harvesting machine with the tractor

1. Multistage, lightweight flexible, small volume, light weight and low energy consumption without planting space limit, without artificial.

2. The machine can harvest the corn, high harvesting efficiency, picking the corn and chopping the stalk at the same time, and can achieve the purpose of straw returned to field.

3. The machine mounted with more than 20HP, be able to install and remove easily to the operator.

4.High working efficiency, 0.27-0.33ha/H, Stable performance and strong applicability.


5. Hydraulic lifting cutting machine can be different according to the height of ear, adjust the cutting machine to achieve the best effect.

6. Hydraulic automatic grain bin can be directly unmounted the corn cob to farm transport.

7. With the gear chain transmission mechanism, simple and reasonable structure, easy operation, save labor, smooth operation, reliable, convenient maintenance.

8. Compact structure, excellent performance, Low ground pressure, high performance in wet or mud land.

9. Mini type, easy to turn in a field, suitable for hilly ground.

10. High-quality engine with large power and stable performance.

11. The belt-driven 2wd tractor can also be used for another purpose while removing the corn harvesting system.

12. Height-adjustable cutting header.

13. Adopting advanced famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts, and operation parts.

14. High-pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing.

15. Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution.

17. Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor, which can directly in line with filling machine.

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