Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester from Hexie Machinery


Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester Combine Maize harvester

Hexie brand knapsack corn automatic corn harvester combine maize harvester belt stripping design can fully solve the phenomenon of falling particles in the peeling process. Was praised by farmers as a non-grain corn harvester.

Knapsack Corn Automatic 2 rows Corn Harvester equipment is the perfect combination of our company’s many years of practice and the latest technology and is a national technological innovation project. The machine has powerful power, superior performance, new appearance design, beautiful and practical; adopts high-productivity automatic peeling device, independent profile-reinforced straw crushing device, automatic detecting device, and digital instrument; it can finish picking and stripping the leaves at one time. Farm use machinery factory price tractor mounted combine corn harvester whole process of collecting and loading the straw and smashing the straw. Is the preferred brand for large-scale farms and large-area corn harvesting equipment.

Main features of corn harvester

1. Adopting foreign advanced corn header technology, featuring quick picking, saving power, less loss and high efficiency;

2. It can be used to harvest the wrong crops, which solves a big problem and the spacing problem of the corn harvester;

3. The small corn harvester equipment header adds grass cleaning device to play the role of discharging and peeling;

4. The mature peeling mechanism, high peeling rate, no granules;

5. Configure a six-cylinder high-quality Yuchai engine;

6. Open header guard: maintenance, adjustment, and maintenance are convenient and fast, reducing auxiliary working time and improving the working efficiency of the whole machine, which is convenient for users;

7. Configure 1000 series front axle gearbox, flexible shifting, large transmission torque, high reliability, and sufficient accessories;

8. Configure walking stepless speed change, can adapt to different speed operations, reduce the trouble of driver frequency shifting;

9. The fan at the end of the conveyor can effectively reduce the impurities in the grain box;

10. The grain recovery device can fully recover the particles lost during the peeling process so that the loss is minimized;

11. Straw returning recycling mechanism: It can meet the requirements of different users for straw utilization. Simple adjustment of the handle can meet the requirements of straw returning and recycling function conversion;

12. The stalk recovery device, after the stalk is pulverized, is thrown and recovered by the impeller;

13. Tractor installation combined with two rows of corn harvester equipment equipped with a rearview surveillance camera, the driver can observe the condition of the grain box and other components at any time, improving handling efficiency and productivity;

14. Large-capacity grain bins, reducing the number of unloading of grain and improving production efficiency.

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