Introduction of different types of Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester


Now corn harvester is becoming more and more widely used. Many farmers have chosen to use mechanical equipment instead of human labor to harvest corn, which is followed by a diversification of the corn harvester market.
The characteristics of corn harvesting in different countries and regions are different. In order to meet the needs of different customers in different regions, Aike’s technicians have developed and produced hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester machine and 2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester. For these two new types of corn harvester equipment, many customers do not know how to choose when they are not familiar with the equipment. The following tractor mounted corn harvester manufacturer give you a look at the two harvesters.

Hot sale Walk-behind tractor Mounted Mini Corn Combine Harvester Machine

The first is the hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester machine. This type of harvester generally refers to a corn harvester with a large model that can walk independently and is equipped with a tractor for walking. This type of machine is suitable for use in plain areas. The corn harvester can be harvested, harvested, straw smashed, smashed, and aggregated, and the straw recovery device can be added according to different needs of different customers. It has a stable model and good picking effect. The structure is simple and the processing capacity is large.

2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester

The 2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester used in the four-wheel tractor. The supporting tractor is designed to reduce the investment for rural users. On the other hand, the tractor is generally used in mountainous areas. Flexible, durable and so on, the corn harvester installed directly in the 2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester in various types of mountainous areas. However, the type of equipment is generally small, mainly for users in small plots in the mountains. However, the equipment is not affected by the harvesting problem of the model. It is also a combination of picking ear, suede, and aggregate, and can realize straw smashing and returning to the field, and if necessary, adding straw baling and recycling work, and Easy to install, after years of development, the equipment performance is stable, suitable for the majority of small investors. It is the ideal equipment for corn harvesting.

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