Instructions of fruit and vegetable cutting machine


Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine, which can process fresh taproot products such as yam, lotus root, sweet potato, cassava, radish, etc. into slices, cut with a rotating cutter, with good quality of cut surface, uniform thickness and size of the product, and fresh-cut surface texture, Does not damage the fibrous tissue. At the same time, the slicing efficiency is high, the operation is convenient, the energy consumption is low, and it is hygienic, safe, and efficient. It is ideal equipment for processing agricultural products. The whole machine is made of top-quality stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, easy to clean, and conforms to the provisions of the Food Sanitation and Safety Law. The cutter is forged from high-carbon chromium stainless steel, with high strength, high hardness, sharp blades without deformation, and high work efficiency.

The main structure and working principle fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine is mainly composed of a frame, conveyor belt, vegetable pressing belt, slicing mechanism, speed control box, or tower wheel speed control mechanism. The centrifugal slicing mechanism is used for slicing hard fruits and vegetables. The slice thickness can be adjusted freely within a certain range. The vertical knife part can process leaf soft vegetables or cut slices into different specifications of blocks, cubes, diamonds, etc. shape. The cutting length can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range through the “adjustable eccentric wheel”. Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of hand-cutting vegetables, the processing surface is flat and smooth, the shape is regular, and the cut vegetables are well organized and kept fresh.

How to use fruit and vegetable cutting machine

1. Place the machine on a level work site to ensure that the four feet below the machine are stable, reliable, and do not shake. Carefully check whether there is any debris in the rotating drum. If there is any foreign matter, clean it up to avoid damage to the machine. Check each part dripping oil. Whether the fastener is loose in use and whether the switch circuit is damaged.
2. To ensure safety, it must be reliably grounded at the grounding mark, and a leakage protector must be installed at the power connector! ! !
3. When the Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine is working, it is strictly prohibited to reach into the machine, and do not press the switch with wet hands during the processing.
4. Before cleaning and disassembling, first, disconnect the power supply to stop the machine.
5. The bearing is replaced with calcium-based grease every 3 months.
6. During use, if an abnormal situation occurs, the power switch should be quickly turned off, and restart after the fault is removed to make it work normally

Features of fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine with multiple functions. It has the functions of the vegetable cutter, dicing machine, shredder, and slicer. The rhizomes can be cut into thick, thin slices, silk strips, and cubes. The speed of the blades of the conveyor belt is controlled by a frequency converter, independently controlled. The shape of the finished product: sheet, square wire strip, diced.

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