Installation application of wheat thresher rice thresher soybean sheller


The use of China rice and wheat soybean thresher has brought great convenience to users, and the device not only has a good threshing effect but also has high threshing efficiency. It is a good helper for farmers and friends to thresh corn and soybeans when they are busy. But for the best threshing effect of the corn thresher, we have to start by checking the placement of the machine and how to use it. Let’s summarize the installation of wheat thresher rice thresher soybean sheller by Henan Hexie Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Installation application of wheat thresher rice thresher soybean sheller

1. Level the four feet of the device to ensure it is stable and firm. To reduce vibration.

2. For motors, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, tightly sealed, and install the ground wire.

3. Continuously and uniformly feed the corn on the cob, the feeding amount should be appropriate. Such as intermittent feeding will affect production efficiency, too much feeding will cause the machine to jam and overload operation, resulting in burned motors and damage to equipment.

4. When using the Electric Diesel Engine Rice Bean Maize Small Threshing Machine for threshing, the cob must not be too wet. If it is too wet, the normal threshing effect cannot be achieved. It is best that the water content does not exceed 20%.

5. Before the work is completed, the cob that was put in will be completely cleaned and discharged, and the machine will be shut down with no load. Shut down with load is prohibited.

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