How to use the potato planter for precision seeding?


The single row and double row potato planter are based on the long-term close cooperation experience between Aike Machinery and its customers. It is an ideal machine that meets the requirements of modern agriculture and achieves a combination of low cost and high efficiency. Time proved that all indicators and agronomic requirements were better than artificial.
The planter is mainly composed of the ground wheel, frame, opener, seed meter, seedbox, fertilizer box. And other components. The machine is attached to the rear end of the tractor by the hydraulic suspension of the tractor. During the operation, the tractor pulls the machine forward. And the ground wheel on the machine completes the seeding by shifting. At the same time, the fertilizer discharging device also discharges a proper amount of fertilizer in the ditch. And the soil is covered by the earth-covering device to complete the whole operation procedure.

Need to meet the needs of the Potato planter

When using a potato planter, we need to meet these requirements in order to be able to use them better. As a potato planter manufacturer, let me introduce you below. The yield of the potato planter should not lower than that of artificial sowing. The excavation rate should not less than 99% within the depth and width of the potato. The potato planter needs to able to separate the potato from the soil and does not allow the soil to covers the potatoes. The purpose of the potato planter is to reduce the burden on the working people to sow the potatoes. Therefore, the productivity of potato planter is very high. When harvesting the potato planter, it is necessary to strictly control the breakage rate of the potato seeds. The damage and cutting loss of the potato seeds should less than 100%.

How to use the potato planter for precision seeding

Single row and double row potato planter is the core component of the potato planter. The key technology of the whole machine is also reflected in the design of the seeding components. The performance of the seeding components directly affects the seed leakage rate and replay rate of the seed meter. And other key technical performance indicators.
The potato planter uses the picking cup to cross pick the seeds, one belt and two rows of picking cups are cross-fixed. And the cross picking cup is realized by the belt driven by the ground wheel. The vibration band of the auxiliary vibrator can use according to different types of potatoes. Different characteristics are adjusted to ensure that there is only one type of potato in each potato cup. The conveyor belt is moved to the top, and the potato cups throw the seed potatoes to the metering tube.

At this time, the back of the potato cup is matched with the seed tube. And the back of the potato cup is filled with seed potato so that the seed potato will not fall freely. Instead, the seed potato is arranged in an orderly manner with the belt movement in the trenches. In the ditch, accurate seeding is achieved, and leakage and replay are reduced.
Aike Machinery is a professional single row and double row potato planter exporter. Our types of equipment are all factory-direct sales, factory price sales, to ensure the performance and quality of equipment. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.

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