How does the wheat thresher rice thresher work?


When wheat thresher rice thresher working, corn or wheat is fed by the feed port. Corn wheat is impacted in the rotor and drum rotating at high speed. The grain is separated by the sieve hole, the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine. The feeding port is arranged on the upper part of the upper cover of the machine. And the corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feeding port. And the rotor which is subjected to high-speed rotation in the threshing chamber collides with the corn kernels to fall off and is separated through the mesh hole. And a baffle is arranged at the lower part of the feeding inlet to prevent falling off. The corn kernels splash hurt people.

Wheat thresher rice thresher, the efficiency of threshing is determined by the length and diameter of the drum. Users can choose this series of corn thresher according to their own threshing efficiency. The nail on the rotor is wearing parts. The wear condition should be checked frequently. When the nail wears a quarter of the teeth, the new nails can be repaired or replaced by electric welding. If the new nails are repaired, they must be repaired or replaced. To ensure the balance of the rotor; the screen is a wearing part, if the screen is broken, please replace the new screen.

Tips in the use of wheat thresher rice thresher

1: Check if the front bumper of the equipment is level. If it is not horizontal, correct it before installing the lift.
2: The connection between the equipment main unit and the elevator is through the four U-shaped cards on the main unit and the two front supports on the lower part of the lifting frame. The two U-shaped cards on the upper part of the lifting frame pass through four cylindrical pins, and two movable lifting plates The main unit and the crane are connected together.
3: Rice thresher machine gearbox connects two B-type V-belts. After installation, do not press the tensioning wheel too tightly. In the case of normal harvesting, as long as the V-belt slip does not occur.
4: After the hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher soybean sheller assembly is completed, it should be idling for 5 minutes, and then run at high speed for 6 minutes. After checking that there are no abnormalities in each component, you can work in the field.

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