Hot-selling Environmentally-Friendly Electric Weeding Machine


The Features And Advantages of Electric Weeding Machine

1. This machine is mainly for orchard, tea garden, garden, greenhouse, seedling base, and farmland crops, etc.
2. Compared to the traditional lawn mower to eliminate the repeated mowing, especially in the summer when the growth of vegetation is strong, one-time scribbling, no longer repeated, saving manpower, material, and financial resources;
3. Compared with the rotary tiller, this machine is simpler, more flexible, lighter and more practical. The area where the micro tillage machine cannot enter, the machine is easy to enter, and the wedding is cleaner and more fuel efficient. The household women’s workforce can be easily used; the work efficiency is about 4-5 times that of the artificial;
4. The depth of the machine’s raking wheel is 5CM, which can completely remove the grassroots and also play the role of the shallow ripper. In addition, after entering the summer, the root layer of the fruit soil is developed, and this depth just hurts the crop. The root knapsack weeder is designed according to the hills, mountains, small plots, high height difference, and inorganic cultivation. It is suitable for loose soil, cultivating and weeding in sandy land and economic plants. Knapsack weeding machine is widely used in field farming, ditching, and mulching, plastic greenhouse, tobacco, nursery, orchard, vegetable garden management, tea planting, etc. The knapsack weeder has a lightweight, small size, simple structure, and convenient operation. Easy to maintain, low fuel consumption and high production efficiency.
The knapsack weeder can loosen the hard soil under the fruit trees for easy fertilization. This knapsack weeder can quickly and easily complete the work, replacing the traditional and heavy farming methods.
Hot-selling environmentally-friendly electric weeding machine composition: the ripper is mainly composed of an electric motor, a reduction gear, a traveling mechanism, a ripper knife (high manganese steel), a depth adjustment mechanism, and the like. The motor is powered and connected to the reduction gear shaft via a coupling. The working parts are composed of a cutter head and a vertical ripper cutter, which are divided into two groups and are driven by a reduction gear. The depth adjustment mechanism consists of a handle, a sprocket, and a chain, and the depth of the loose soil is adjusted by changing the height of the frame.
Weeding Machine

Electric Weeding Machine Maintenance knowledge

1. The gasoline engine is prohibited from over speed and should be stopped at low speed.
2. The engine should use the correct model, the factory products, clean, gasoline should be clean and fresh.
3. Non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the carburetor.
4. The air filter should be checked frequently and replaced regularly. Dirty filter cartridges are washed with soapy water and used.
5. After the gasoline engine has been running for 100-300 hours, the carbon deposit should be removed once. Remove the cylinder head when clearing, and remove the carbon deposits from the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, valve, etc. Carbon deposits must not enter the cylinder bore and valve seat.
6. Keep the gasoline engine, especially the cylinder heat sink clean.
7. When refueling, inspection, maintenance, warranty, you must unplug the spark plug cap, do not smoke, away from open flames.
8. do not operate indoors. When the machine is working, except for the operator, the unrelated person leaves the machine for more than 15 meters.
9. Check the tightness of the bolts in the working part and other parts before and after the machine.
10. If there is a clutch, the gasoline engine must not be started until the clutch is exposed, that is, the machine is not installed.
11. For other lubrication parts of the machine, add lubricating oil or grease regularly according to the instructions.

Electric Weeding Machine

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