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Introduce for  digging machine mounted by Tractor

Tractor with digging machine is suitable for plain, hilly, sandy and other site conditions of the pit-shaped pits of the soil.  With a semi-loaded drill bit for the hole-shaped land preparation, pin cutting, etc. Item assignment. It is widely used in large-area fast-growing and high-yield forest Da Miao caves as well as urban landscaping. Suitable for returning farmland to forests, planting trees and digging pits.

The characteristics of the tractor-mounted digging machine

High power, good working strength, high work efficiency, high-quality materials, strong wear resistance, easy maintenance, and low failure rate.

The adaptability of the new suspended digging machine

Due to the large power of replacement, the tree-planting digging machine is more widely adopted. It can be used for various soil pits. (hard soil, hillside, concrete soil, frozen soil, ice layer, slag mud, clay, etc.) are not smashed by rubble, brick slag, slag, slag, etc.

Tractor digging machine

Use tips of a tractor with digging machine

1. Operating technology
The first thing to do is to confirm the surrounding conditions. When turning the work, do a good job in the surrounding obstacles and terrain, and operate safely. When working, check the front and rear direction of the track to avoid tipping or impact. Try not to face the excavation direction of the final drive, otherwise, it will easily damage the walking. When working, ensure that the left and right tracks are in full contact with the ground to improve the dynamic stability of the machine.

2. Effective mining methods
When the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, the arm cylinder, and the stick are 90 degrees apart from each other, the digging force is the largest. When the bucket tooth and the ground maintain a 30-degree angle, the digging force is the best, that is, the cutting resistance is the smallest. When excavating the pole, the angle of the stick should be between 45 degrees from the front and 30 degrees behind. The boom and bucket can be used at the same time to improve the efficiency of the excavation.

3. Excavating rocks
Excavation of the rock using a bucket will cause great damage to the machine and should avoid. When excavation is required, the position of the body should adjust according to the direction of the crack of the rock so that the bucket can shovel smoothly for excavation. The teeth are inserted into the crack of the rock. In the middle, use the digging force of the stick and the bucket to excavate. The rock that has not been broken should be broken first and then digging with a bucket.

4. Slope leveling operation
When performing plane trimming, the machine should be placed on the ground to prevent the body from shaking. To grasp the coordination of the movement of the boom and the stick, controlling the speed of both is essential for plane dressing.

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