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Soybean picking machine introduction

The soybean bean picking machine is simple in operation, high in efficiency, clean in pods, and relatively thorough in screening. The pod-removing teeth are made of Oxford soft materials and have no damage to humans and edamame. The use of the machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of picking edamame, improve pod removal efficiency, reduce working hours, and reduce the cost of picking edamame.

The soybean bean picking machine has two configurations of motor and diesel engine. When the voltage is stable and the power is sufficient, the edamame picking machine equipped with the motor can be selected. Otherwise, the soybean bean picking machine equipped with the diesel engine is selected.
Soybean Machine

Technical Parameters of Soybean Picking Machine

1. Product Name: Maodou Picking Machine
2. Supporting power: 170 gasoline engine or 3kw motor
3. Operating speed: 500-600kg / h
4. The whole machine quality (kg): 240
5. Large size (mm): 1600 * 1000 * 1200

In order to solve this time-consuming and laborious problem, our company developed and produced a green bean pod picking a machine and a pea bean pod removing machine, thus solving the problem of picking pods of green beans, picking pods of green beans and soybeans. Now it is sold to customers nationwide. The machine workbench is 1.2 meters wide and can be operated by a single person. It saves time and effort. It is 10-20 times of manpower picking edamame. It is specially equipped with walking wheels and smooth wheels. It can be operated by the motor vehicle to the field. It is safe and time-saving. It can be equipped with a 3-5.5KW motor or a 4-horsepower diesel 170 gasoline engine. Since its introduction, it has been well received by major customers!

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