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Introduce for self-propelled fight drugs

The self-propelled fight drugs machine is a kind of agricultural machinery for sorghum crops. It is an agricultural machine that can provide driving power and driving power and can complete its own work without other power supply. It is a kind of plant protection machinery. Widely used in crops to fight drugs and fertilize.


Main Features of Self-Propelled Fight Drugs

The self-propelled sprayer has a wide spray width, large capacity, high work efficiency and better performance: a forged aluminum anti-corrosion treatment spray bar with good atomization, anti-offset, and segmentation design.
The spray width is wide, the capacity is large, the work efficiency is high, and the performance is better: the forged aluminum anti-corrosion treatment spray bar with good atomization, anti-offset, and segmentation design. Automatic telescopic, easy to operate, unique three-cylinder diverter valve design, controllability, compact structure, beautiful appearance, excellent practicality.

Range of action

It can be widely used in soybeans, wheat, corn, potatoes, and other crops and Chinese herbal medicines, pastures, garden flowers, and other plants in large areas before sowing soil treatment, seedling stage grass control, and pest control.

Use Self-Propelled Fight Drugs Notes

1. Self-propelled fight drugs view before booting
Look at the pipeline, the connection of each fastener of the circuit is not loose. Press the start button and hear the machine rotate, indicating that the circuit is normal. The window on the high-voltage line is ignited to clarify that the spark plug is ignited normally.

2. Self-propelled fight drugs plus gasoline
Open the fuel tank cap and use the refueling funnel, be careful not to add too much space. At least 3 cm of oil on the top of the oil, and then tighten the fuel tank cap (do not tighten too tightly to prevent the cap from shredding).

3. Self-propelled fight drugs filling liquid
Open the lid of the medicine bucket and add the diluted liquid to the medicine bucket with the funnel with the filter. Do not add too much. The liquid should 2-3 cm from the top of the medicine box, then tighten the medicine lid to not Leak out. Do not leak (note not too tight, take a long time to screw the lid), both caps must be tightened. (When re-treating pesticides, follow the safety instructions supplied by the pesticide manufacturer)

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