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Characteristics of important components of peanut picker

The peanut picker consists of several parts, three of which are important. Feeding tables, rollers, and gravure screens, fans and windshields. So what are the characteristics of these components?

The feeding platform is composed of a fixed feeding table, an active feeding table, and upper and lower poles. When used, the feeding table is wider, the operation is generally convenient. And is very convenient to transport and store after folding. There are more leakage holes in the feeding table. During the feeding process, the soil on the peanuts can leak to reduce the wear of the internal parts. At the entrance of the lanyard fruit picker, there is a feeding inlet baffle. And the handle is reversed to block the entrance of the drum, the machine can use as a cleaning machine, and the second cleaning of the peanut picking fruit is facilitated.

Fan and wind deflector, the fan is centrifugal. Mainly composed of skeleton, blade and fan shaft and outer casing. The air intake can adjust manually, the air selection performance is very good. And there is a regulating baffle at the grass discharge port of the machine to control the discharge amount and improve the cleaning efficiency. The drum and the concave plate are arranged in a nail-tooth manner and are mainly composed of a drum body, a nail tooth, a drum end ring, and a shaft. The concave sieve is a curved sieve welded by the flat steel and the steel wire and is mounted on the sieve plate. The front and rear slide plates are arranged below the sieve plate frame. And the dust discharge plate is arranged behind the cylinder, and the upper cover and the middle plate are closed. The roll and the concave plate form a picking room.


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Maintenance method of the Peanut picking machine

Careful maintenance of the peanut harvester is an effective way to increase machine utilization and extend machine life. The routine maintenance method of the peanut picker is as follows:
1. Maintenance after shift work. After the work of the peanut picker is completed, the soil on the harvester parts is removed to prevent the machine from rusting. And then the hood is opened to remove the weeds wound on the various parts.

2. Use maintenance after one week. It is necessary to add butter to the joints, bearings, etc., and check and supplement the other lubrication points to check the wear of the peanut picker belt. If the wear is serious, replace it in time.

3. Maintenance after each season after the completion of each quarterly operation, not only must the machine be completely cleaned, but also the triangle belt should be relaxed. After the bearings of each operating part are inspected and replaced, add enough butter.

4. Maintenance during storage. To choose a place for ventilation and sunshade, use a brick or other item to cushion the frame. Leave the digging shovel and the depth-limiting wheel off the ground, and cover the peanut harvester with a plastic sheet.

The specific method for overhauling peanut picking machine

Clean up the dust, check the screws, turn the pulleys, and rub them. Check the belt and the edge of the belt for damage and tear at the joint. Then install the motor and the V-belt.
The start, one listen, two looks, three touches. Under normal circumstances, after starting the machine, in addition to hearing the sound of the fan. There should no other noise. At the same time, carefully observe the rotation of each bearing, the inner ring of the bearing is beating, there is abnormal noise. And the shaft head is swaying in the inner ring of the bearing, all need to replace or repair.

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