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Introduce of a hand push mower

With automatic walking function, it can complete the work of mowing the lawn autonomously. Without the need for human direct control and operation, and low power, low noise, exquisite appearance and beautifully, greatly reducing manual operation. The hand-push lawn mower prevents collisions, prevents the line from being out of the range. And has a certain ability to climb the slope, especially for a home garden, public green space and other places for lawn trimming maintenance.

Suitable for lawn mowers, such as park lawns, farm gardens, golf courses, etc. Choose a suitable lawnmower, the hand-picked mower has a grass cutting width of 49 cm and an hourly mowing area of ​​about 1000 square meters.

The hand-push lawn mower adopts a brand engine, 6.5 horsepower, low fuel consumption, cost-saving, combined throttle, can adjust the throttle size at will, and the operation is more convenient.
65L high-density grass bag, dustproof and environmentally friendly, no grass leakage, adjust the handle, adjust the height of the chassis at will.

Safe operation of the hand-push mower

1. Read the instruction manual corresponding to the product carefully before the operation, and be familiar with the performance and operation method of the machine.

2. Minors and the elderly, people with weak illness, people who drink alcohol or take stimulants or anesthetics are strictly prohibited from operating the lawnmower.

3. Carefully check the safety guards before work, check the blade screws, and loosen them.

4. If the blade cutting component is worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time to maintain balance. The machine is not allowed to use without a protective cover. After the fueling test machine is confirmed, it can turn on.

5. Thoroughly inspect the site and remove all stones, sticks, metal objects, bones, and other discards.

6. When refueling, the engine must be stopped, gasoline should not spill, smoking is prohibited at the fueling site. And the oil level in the fuel tank is checked with open flame.

7. After filling the fuel, the fuel spilled on the surface of the machine should wipe off and the machine should push 5m away from the fueling point to start.

8. The backup fuel should place in a special container and keep away from open flames.

Parameters  for a hand push mower

*High power 6.0HP
Displacement of 173
Drive method
Cutting width 500mm20 inch
Cutting height 30-95mm
Fuel tank volume 1.5L
Grass bag volume 60L
Gross weight / net weight 36/38 KG table /


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