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How to reduce the cost of feed and meet the nutritional needs of various livestock and poultry has become the primary problem that the majority of farmers and feed industries need to solve urgently. Straw biochemical protein feed technology is to pass the crop straw through pulverization, fermentation, granulation and other technical measures so that lignin is softened, crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat and the like are degraded into substances that are easily digested and absorbed by poultry, and also produced during fermentation. A large number of bacterial proteins become soft and ripe after fermentation, and granulation increases the palatability of poultry.

The average level of crude protein and amino acid increases by 40.6% and 95.8%. Arginine, cysteine, and histamine The acid level is also greatly improved, the sugar and fat content are increased, and vitamins and growth factors such as B, D, and E are produced, and then mixed with other raw materials to form a full-price feed, which is pressed into a nutrient-rich feed pellet by a pellet feed machine to make the livestock The feed intake is greatly increased and the growth is accelerated. Reducing food input (the nutritional value of 270 kg of grain feed per ton of straw feed) saves on feed costs and increases farmers’ income.


Tips for choosing a feed pellet machine

1. Look at the appearance
Look at the overall appearance of the pellet machine, whether there is a depression on the surface. How is the paint effect, whether the interface welding is firm, compare the nameplate of the pellet machine, motor, and reducer, see if the equipped motor is a regular manufacturer, and see if the accessories are shoddy. Generally speaking, for large factories, the factory standard will be left on the machine by stamping. The choice of motor and reducer should also be cautious, do not blindly rely on price decisions.

2. Look inside
Open the inspection port of the feed pellet machine, you can directly observe the internal structure of the machine, and watch the thickness of the spiral auger and the thickness of the wall. Whether the pulley rotates smoothly and does not issue the card, and the bearing is not an external split type. To know that the machine can run smoothly, with low energy consumption and long use time, you can save money.

3. See attitude
Service cannot be a hard standard when purchasing a machine. But in the process of using, it can be a boost!

Hexie Machinery service includes product introduction and operation training of the vertical mixer for the pre-sales personnel. Failures and solutions during the use of the machine. Regular return visits of the after-sales personnel and after-sales maintenance and maintenance after the machine is sold.

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