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Strapping Machine Definition And Advantage

A strapping Machine is a hand-made tool for bundling fixed vines of crops, fruit trees, flowers, etc. The tying machine is also called: tying device, tying gun, binding tongs, tying gun, tying machine , tied rattan, tied ratchet, tied rattan gun, tied vine, tied vine machine, tied vine, vine machine, vine, vine, vine, beam, beam, knuckle, knot Beam tongs, beam lances, vines, rattan machines, vine holders, etc.
The hot sale strapping machine uses a special PVC or PE strap as a tie rope to tie the nails, and the one-hand operation can complete the strap action to bind the crop stems. The structure is exquisite, the operation is simple, the work efficiency is high, and the crop is not damaged. At present, there are many manufacturers of tying machine in foreign countries and in China, the quality and quality are uneven,
and the selection of high-quality tying machine can bring more benefits to growers from the perspective of long-term use.
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Use Of The Strapping Machine

Can be widely used: grapes, tomatoes (tomato), cucumber, loofah, pepper, eggplant, with peas, flowers and other plants on the vines, branches, and vines fixed, tied with vines, daily field finishing to maintain vines neat.

Binding machine detail instructions

1. Lightly press the top nail insert to pull the top nail insert out of the nail slot;
2. When using, pay attention to the special straps for the strapping machine and the special matching nails, and insert the straps from the top of the machine to expose a part;
3. Grasp the handle with light force, let the clip get stuck and bring it out;
4. Cover the branch to be tied from the outside to the inside, and firmly hold the binding machine so that the nail penetrates the strap and tightens it to check if the strap is cut.
5. Pull the strap into the guide slot;
6. Close and tighten the buckle, then cover the tape cover and cover the belt cover;
7. Pull the strap into the guide slot and expose the strap head to the slot of the guide slot by about half a centimeter;
8. Press the handle slightly under the palm of your hand;
9. Release the palm of your hand, and the strap hook will pull the strap upwards;
10. Push the strap towards the tied object (twig vine) and push forward the range of the push forward;
11. Press down firmly on the handle, and then release it after completing the binding operation. Then repeat the hooking action of step 7 to start the next action of the binding machine, and then cycle the binding machine;
12. If you need to replace the blade, just use the pliers to clamp the old blade and pull it out, then use the pliers to clamp the new blade into the blade slot;
13. When the tie is encountered, if the deformed nails and other shaped objects are stuck in the nail opening, the foreign object can be picked out from the nail outlet by a screwdriver to eliminate the fault;
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Daily maintenance of  Strapping Machine

1. When operating the tying machine to tie the branches, the palm should adopt the force;
2. Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals during the use and storage of the binding machine;
3. Try to avoid the sharp impact of the strapping machine, so as to avoid the occurrence of positional deviation caused by the stapled site anastomosis;
4. After using the strapping machine, it is not advisable to place outdoor sun and rain, and should be cleaned in the storage room to avoid affecting the service life;
5. It is best to apply lubricating oil and protective agent to some important parts of the binding machine when storing;

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