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Introduce Corn harvesting machinery

In recent years, the corn harvester market has been very hot, driven by the national policy of strong farmers and farmers. Some powerful manufacturers have invested in the technology research and development of corn harvesters, which has enabled the rapid development of the overall product technology level and quality performance of the industry. At present, it has developed into a piggyback type, wheat and corn harvester, corn special harvester and other types. The machine is suitable for various working environments and planting methods. China’s corn harvesting machinery is in its infancy and development stage. There are many research units and production enterprises, and the types and models are very complicated. To this end, from the theoretical and practical point of view, the corn harvesting machinery is sorted and sorted on the type of power matching and the type of picking parts, and their respective advantages and disadvantages are analyzed, in order to select suitable local characteristics for the purchaser. The model provides a technical reference.

It is used with tractors of 36.8~48kW (50-65HP). The picking mechanism of the two rows of machines is mostly picking and rolling type, which has a certain peeling function. The three-line machine picking mechanism used to be the picking plate type, which mainly copied the harvesting machine technology of the Soviet Union and generally used the picking roll type. This machine can complete corn picking, ear box and straw crushing in one operation.


Model NO.
Harvesting height
Corn harvester
Corn loss rate
Machine type
Tractor mounted
Break rate
Matched power
1 year
Working row
Tank capacity
Work width
Suitable row-spacing

Corn Silage Harvester Daily cleaning

1. Clean the dust, hull, stalk, and other attachments inside and outside, especially pay attention to cleaning the reel, the header auger, the fuse, the cutter, the roller, the concave sieve, the vibrating plate, the clearing sieve, Attachments to several engine seats, crawler belts, etc.
2. Clean the mud and straw of each drive belt and drive chain, etc. The mud will affect the balance of the wheel. The straw may ignite and ignite due to friction.
3. Clean up grass clippings, straw and other dirt from the engine cooling water tank radiator, hydraulic oil radiator, air filter, etc.
4. Regularly clean the diesel filter, oil filter element (or oil filter) as required; clean or clean the air filter regularly.
5. Periodically release precipitates such as water and mechanical impurities in the diesel tank, diesel filter.

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