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The new high-quality silage cutting machine AK9RS-6 produced by Hexie, an animal fodder silage cutter crop straw crusher supplier. The machine mainly consists of a suspension part. A variable speed transmission part, a crushing and crushing part, a recycling conveying part, and a fan blade. The traction power is transmitted to the gearbox via the universal joint. So that the speed is increased by 1:2.5 to ensure the cutting and air delivery effect. The straw is pulverized by cutting and pulverizing at a high speed. And then spirally conveyed to the blade portion, and is blown to a random transport vehicle.

Characteristics OF Corn Stalks Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine

1. Multi-disc type harvesting platform, feeding evenly. Strong harvesting ability for high-crop crops, achieving misalignment. Reducing the cutting height and high harvesting efficiency.
2. Chopping roller mechanism, multi-stage adjustable feed length quality, quick and convenient operation.
3. Enhanced wear-resistant blade fan throwing mechanism, spit forage is more powerful, ultra-high and super high.
4. With a large grass box, easy to recycle open road and harvest.
5. Multi-section movement of the projectile, hydraulic lifting and rotating. It is more convenient for one person to operate the grass box and the vehicle to collect the feed.
6. The wide track and short wheelbase, flexible and convenient to turn and turn.

performance OF Silage Cutter Crop Straw Crusher

1. Advanced technology: integrates harvesting, cutting, smashing and throwing into one. Achieving the purpose of multi-purpose, low-cost and high-efficiency, comprehensive utilization of biomass energy. In line with national industrial policies, and has far-reaching significance for the development of biomass energy projects. The whole machine is easy to maintain and has a low price. It is ideal matching equipment for farmers and farms of various specifications.

2. Product advantages: At present, the mowers, smashing machines, pulverizers. And straw returning machines used in rural areas are mostly unable to achieve the purpose of recovering straw by a single machine. And the corn stalk harvesting and smashing realize the comprehensive utilization of straw in the true sense.

3. Wide range of applications: China animal silage fodder cutter crop straw crusher suitable for the harvesting and crushing of various straws such as corn stalk, cotton stalk, banana stalk, sorghum straw, grain stalk, wheat stalk, and Tianqing rod. The harvested crop straw can be directly applied to farms. Feed mill silage or processed straw pellet feed, and can also be applied to the production of charcoal. Straw coal and other biomass power generation fuels. And can also be used as the culture medium for edible fungi growers. Product processing in various industries.

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