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Henan Hexie Machinery Co., Ltd. supply High-Efficiency Peanut Picker Machine, Peanut Harvesting Machine with 100% Factory Price. There is no middleman to earn the difference, welcome everyone to come to consult.

The high-efficiency peanut picker machine 8000/6000 equipment produced by our factory. It can complete the picking work of peanuts in one time, and the picking efficiency is 4-5 times of artificial. The equipment not only has high picking efficiency but also is clean and can use for secondary picking. Which is very convenient to use.

Model: NY8000 / NY6000 & Model: 5HZ-500 / 4HZ-400 Peanut Picking Machine is promoted in Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East. We export machines to Australia, the Philippines, Dubai, India, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Uganda, Indonesia, Kenya, etc.

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