Hand-Pushing Unicycle Tree-Planting Digging Machine


Introducing the hand-pushing unicycle tree-planting digging machine

The push-type unicycle tree-planting digging machine and the tree-planting digging machine are mainly used for garden tree planting. When operating the tree-planting digging machine, it is necessary to clarify the operation process. First of all, when using the tree-planting digging machine, it should be checked whether there is oil in the fuel tank of the tree-planting digging machine, and there is no case of the oil-free running machine. After determining that the oil tank has oil, the tree-planting digging machine can be started. The drill bit of the digging machine is aligned with the pit that needs to be dug, and then the work button is pressed. The engine of the tree-planting digging machine is rotated into the ground with a drill bit, and a pit is slowly dug in the tree-planting digging machine. After digging into the predetermined depth of the land, slowly planting the tree-planting digging machine, after the drill bit of the tree-planting digging machine leaves the ground, the work button can be released and the digging process is completed.

Hand Pushing Digging Machine

Features for the hand-pushing digging machine

1. The benefits of planting trees with a digging machine are large and efficient. Whether you use a manually operated digging machine or a tractor belt digging machine, the speed of the pit is dozens of times artificial.

2. The pits punched by the digging machine are well-formed, and the seedlings that are planted are long and straight, not skewed.

3. Reduce the time for the seedlings to dry outside, and effectively maintain the water and soil. Enhance the survival rate of seedlings.

4. The use of artificial price is high, the speed is slow, and it takes only 2 days to use the digging machine to earn back the purchase cost.

5. One machine is multi-purpose, one host can connect drills of different specifications and make holes of different sizes. Can be used for other drilling operations. More effective to create profits for you.

6. Single double can be operated, small size, lightweight, can quickly and effectively carry out various drilling and pit work.

7. It can be easily carried in the field. Used to plant a variety of seedlings in the mountains.

8. This machine can be used to complete the planting of 8m pole, 10m pole and 12m pole. A job that could not be completed manually was completed.

9. This machine is equipped with high-grade, international standard parts, durable and easy to maintain.

10. Digging machines create a new profession. You can use this machine to make pits, which is a good way to make money quickly.

The hand-pushing single-row tree-planting digging machine has the characteristics of simple operation, low fuel consumption, low noise, easy start, high hole-forming efficiency, low operating cost, and low price. The digging machine is suitable for horticulture, urban greening, sloping trees and pits, sand soil texture and fruit garden planting seedling operations, barren hills and wasteland, secondary forest land, cutting land and gully slopes of the Loess Plateau for land preparation or digging before afforestation. At the same time, it can be used for orchards, mulberry gardens, tea gardens, and towns for small tree transplanting, greening and digging pits. In the construction site and pasture, it is possible to bury the pile column to punch the hole of the fence column on the ice layer.

The shed column hole is widely used. It can greatly improve the efficiency of mechanized tree planting and ensure the planting quality of seedlings. It is a ‘good helper’ for people to return farmland to forests. Product Remarks: Applicable to sloping land, sand land and hard land below 20 degrees. It is an ideal digging machine for large-scale afforestation, tree planting on both sides of the road and tree planting, pole dig pit and planting large seedlings.

Digging Machine

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