Product configuration for Hand push fertilizer machine


 Product configuration for hand push fertilizer machine

With a plastic bucket, small head, square head. The storage tank is made of a plastic drum (hard packed in PE plastic drum, which can hold 13kg of fertilizer). It is equipped with granular fertilizer, seeds, and guns. Hand push fertilizer machine can be used for the distribution of peanuts, corn, soybeans, and cotton. The nesting is used, and the seeds are arranged separately to facilitate seed selection. If the soil is hard and the square head resistance is too strong, it is recommended to use the pedal assist configuration.
The new type of hand push fertilizer machine can apply up to 65g at a time and the depth of fertilization can reach 16cm.
Hand push fertilizer
Working principle of  Hand push fertilizer machine
The working principle of the hand push fertilizer machine: the soil is first punched and then filled with particles or seed with cover soil mode. It has the functions of nesting, discharging, and root fertilization. It is easy to operate, accurate, scientific and reasonable. At the same time, it will greatly reduce the labor intensity, increase the production efficiency of single people by more than 5 times, save more than 60% of seeds and fertilizers, and effectively protect crops and improve fertilizer utilization.
Hand push fertilizer detail

Instructions for use

1. First, install the storage bucket stand and then connect the two ends of the pipe to the feeding port of the barrel and the feeding port of the fertilizer gun, and snap the circlip.
2. Fertilizer adjustment: loosen the adjusting sleeve screw and pull the adjusting sleeve outward. Adjust the screw to the desired position according to the reference number. (The amount of fertilizer can be adjusted to 10-65g)
3. Adjust the depth limit ring according to the depth of crop growth.
4. Sowing adjustment: loosen the fertilizer adjustment set screw; set the fertilizer adjustment 0, move the seed file (1, 2, 3 pieces for large, medium and small grain seed sowing) on-demand need to use a variety of files. Loosen the rubber screw and pull out 1-2 mm (based on the seed particle size).

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