Hand-push Electric Garlic Planter And Tractor Garlic Planter


Machinery newly developed 1-3 rows of hand-pushing garlic planter and four-wheel tractor towing six rows. The front and rear legs are staggered and unloaded, after trial and commissioning put into production and use, line spacing The plant spacing can be customized according to your requirements. The machine is compact, economical and practical. Both wet and dry seeds can be sown.

Hand-push garlic planter introduction (single line / double line / three lines)

The price of the website includes that the motor does not contain batteries. Customers can use the battery of their own electric vehicle. 36V, 48V can be used, 12V can not be adjusted, the line spacing is 18cm, the plant spacing is 12cm, the plant spacing can be adjusted by gears, one gear only Can be a plant spacing, parents who need different spacing need to buy additional gear.

Three rows Garlic seeder

Tractor matching 6 rows of garlic planter parameters:

Large frame width: 1.2M
Line spacing: 18-20CM (can be customized)
Plant spacing: 5-15CM with the 6-speed regulator
Weight: 88 kg
Machine size: 1.26*1*0.76M (can be customized)
Supporting power: 12 horsepower four-wheel tractor

Lubrication work of garlic planter

1. Lubricate the cutter, conveyor chain, and the conveyor chain of the threshing part, and press the grass board and the grass guide rod every 2-3 hours.
2. When refueling the rotating part, lock the brake pedal to prevent accidents.
3. Clean the weed ash from the walking section every day.
4. Add butter to each walking wheel with a grease gun every 200 hours. When adding butter, it must be squeezed to the presence of new butter.
5. Check the wear of each walking wheel every 1000 hours.

Tractor Garlic Planter


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