Peanut / groundnut thresher with dust removal Sheller


Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal Sheller, excellent quality agriculture Peanut Peeling machine, peanut shelling machine, peanut threshing machine, Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine. Groundnut shelling equipment is a good machine, the machine is a double roller, and the machine with screen and blower, so you will be got the clean peanut. Groundnut shelling equipment we can design for your electric type and diesel type, you can according to your requirement to chose one. The suspension casing is double-shelled. And the machine with high working shelling efficiency,1000-1200kg/h can arrive your requirement, the supporting motor is 4.8hp, the diesel engine belt can be modified, the efficiency is high, and the breaking rate is low.

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