Green Walnut Peeling Washing Machine


The product introduction for walnut peeling machine

Walnut peeling machine is also called walnut peeling and cleaning machine, walnut peeling machine, walnut peeling machine. It has feed inlet, hood, cutter, wire brush, discharge port, motor, reducer, and other components. The machine material is 2.5mm thick steel plate with medium angle iron. The green walnut peeling cleaning machine is a walnut processing machine which is a new generation of green walnut peeling. Rough washing, and fine washing. The unique single adjustable grille, double pipe sprayer, spiral steel wire brush push rough cleaning. Semicircle the whole structure is designed around the short brush cleaning structure. The walnut has a low breaking rate and good cleaning effect. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of walnut peeling and cleaning. Saves time and labor, and improves the quality and commodity rate of walnut.

Green Walnut Peeling Washing Machine

Structure for Walnut peeling machine

The machine is mainly composed of a frame, a hob, a whole single adjustable grille. A spiral array wire brush, a semicircular surrounding short brush cleaning rotary stick. A reducer, a motor, a double pipe sprinkler, a safety shield and the like.

Working principle for Walnut peeling machine

The machine adopts free-rotating and peeling, the walnut enters the rotary cutting knife area, and the high-speed running hob starts to cut the green skin. The walnut is free to roll at the same time so that all the faces are cut by the hob. The diameter of the removed walnut is not easy to be cut. The rolling out of the rotary cutting area. A small amount of uncut green skin is cleaned by a steel wire brush and a semicircular short brush cleaning rotary stick. And the clean walnut rolls out of the processing area and enters the container. The new walnuts are continuously fed and discharged after peeling and washing. The distance between the grille and the rotary cutter can automatically adjust. It can also manually adjust according to the size of the walnut variety and the thickness of the green skin by adding or subtracting the gasket to reduce the shelling rate and increase the removal rate.

Walnut Peeling Washing Machine

Technical Parameters for Walnut peeling machine

Dimensions: 2100 × 600 × 970 (length × width × height) mm
Supporting motor: 3KW
Reducer: 1:20
Production rate: 500-600kg/h
Structure quality: (with motor) 140kg
Depurification rate: ≥99%
Broken shell rate: ≤3%

Instructions for use for Walnut peeling machine

After the machine is started, no one should touch the rotating parts with your hands. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the feeding port.
1. Turn on the power, first idle, check whether the steering of the spindle is consistent with the direction of the blade. After idling for ten minutes, stop and check whether the adjusting grid nut is loose or not, and whether the wire brush is fastened.

2. Put the right amount of green walnuts, adjust the gap between the grid and the hob according to the size of the walnut.

3. After the adjustment is completed, enter the normal operation procedure, connect the water source to the water pipe connection, rinse with water. And evenly add the green walnut from the inlet. When the difference in the size of the walnut is too large, it should sieve first, and the oversized walnut is treated separately. To reduce the breakage rate of walnuts.

4. If it is found that the surface of the processed walnut is not completely removed, the uncleaned green walnuts can pick up and re-seeded and washed again.

5. Check the gearbox before and after each shift. After detecting abnormal sound or overheating, check the oil volume.

6. After each shift, rinse the walnut peel and mucus on the machine with clean water to ensure the normal operation after work.

Tip: When using this machine to peel, the walnut can process two or three days after spraying the ripening agent, and the processing effect is better after stacking the aging agent for 3-5 days.
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