Grain Conveyor Diameter 10/12/14 Cm Soft Hose Grain Suction Machine Screw Conveyor


Introduce  Soft Hose Grain Suction Machine Screw Conveyor

The grain absorbing machine is small equipment designed for rural grain transportation, loading, dumping, and warehousing. It has a small size, lightweight, easy to move, high efficiency of grain absorption, low damage rate, wide use, safe and reliable, etc. Features, very suitable for individual farmers, food * industry and agricultural cooperatives. It can also be used in the fields of farms, feed mills, food factories, plastic factories, etc.

The pipe diameter model is equipped with a 220v2.2kw motor. The machine can also be powered by a gasoline engine. It is suitable for use in places with inconvenient power and in the wild. It has the characteristics of good dustproof effect and convenient transportation. The standard length of the machine is 6 meters in length. It can also be customized to 3 to 30 meters according to customer requirements.

Electric grain absorbing machine features

1 This machine is designed to be integrated, compact, durable and has excellent performance.

2 power configuration: 220v voltage, single-phase asynchronous motor, suitable for more extensive applications, safe and reliable, not easy to cause accidents.

3 unique spiral spring structure, low noise, and high productivity.

4 The whole machine is light in weight, small in floor space and convenient for a mobile installation.

5 multi-purpose machine can suck food, and can also absorb granular fertilizer, feed, chemical products, and other non-corrosive granular materials.

Model No. AKXLJ-1 Diameter 10/12/14/16cm
Engine for Machine Electric Motor or Diesel engine Length Custom

Working principle of electric grain absorbing machine

The motor shaft and the coil spring are linked by a screw. When the motor is started, the motor drives the coil spring to rotate, and the grain at the collecting port rises along the spiral rising angle of the spring to reach the discharge port under the action of the rotating spring. When the gravity is used, the grain is automatically unloaded.


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