Gasoline-Powered Multi-Function Trenching Soil Cultivator


Introduce for gasoline-powered multi-function trenching soil cultivator

Ditching and cultivating machine is widely used in: plains, mountainous areas, hilly dry land, paddy fields, orchards, vegetable plots, tobacco fields, and other different areas and soils. Trenching tiller has the functions: ditching, soiling, pumping, power generation, spraying medicine, spray, harvest, ridge, film, perforation, crushed grass, rootstock harvesting, reclaimed soil, deep trench, base fertilizer, weeding the soil, partial soil, buried grapevine, and tractor-trailer for short-distance transportation Etc. Drilling machine features lightweight, low fuel consumption, high relative power, compact structure, strong maneuverability, light and flexible operation, stable and reliable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance. Engine: a gasoline engine and diesel engine ( Air cooling) Transmission modes mainly include: three types of transmission modes: full gear transmission, belt transmission, and chain transmission.

Key technologies and innovations of pastoral management machine

1. The advanced and reliable motorcycle wet multi-plate friction clutch is improved by the technology to improve the power transmission of the dynamic structure of the trenching machine. Which makes the structure of the whole machine compact and compact, and is the first in the trenching machine industry.

2. The entire shift transmission is transmitted by spur gears and taper gears, and the transmission power loss is small.

3. The paddy field rotary tillage machine solves the worldwide problem of difficulty in rotary tillage in the paddy tiller industry and has high tillage efficiency and good effect.

4. Wetland curved knives solve the technical problems of entanglement and sag in the rotary sown field in the blister field, and the operation effect is good. Advantages of ditching and claying ditching machine the agricultural machinery and equipment ditching machine enhances durability. It can use for occupational use of soil, weeding and covering the soil. It can be operated for a long time and has good durability. Applicable crops: potato, sweet potato, corn, peanuts, etc. The trenching machine introduces the ditching machine to enhance durability. It can be used for occupational use of soil, weeding and covering the soil. It can be operated for a long time and has good durability. Applicable crops: potato, sweet potato, corn, peanuts, etc. Ditching machine parameters Engine: 6~10 horsepower strokes: Four-stroke lubrication mode: Four-stroke oil lubrication fuel: Unleaded gasoline fuel tank capacity: 6 liters displacement: 296 cc drive shaft mode – engine to transmission first Shaft: toothed V-shaped leather.

Belt drive first shaft to axle: gear drive first shaft to tilling shaft: shaft coupling direct transmission shifting mode: swimming gear direct shifting clutch type-main clutch: belt tension wheel type tilling clutch: meshing walking part: front 2 Speed: 3.36/6.36 km/hr after 2 speed: 2.4/4.54km/hr tillage: forward 519 rpm tire size: 350-5 (wheel width 3.5″ – steel ring diameter 5″ – outer diameter 304mm track: 450mm Wheelbase and ploughing shaft wheelbase (single wheel) Body: length x width x height -105x60x1675px body weight (without engine): 60kg cultivating (grass) knife: 7.5kg (working width 1000px) cultivating knife: 6kg (working width 750px) working width: 1000px (two-section) working depth: 3~750px handle height adjustment method: positioning card type, up and down a total of 5 sections of handle direction adjustment method: positioning card type, horizontal front 5 sections, after 5 sections of main equipment: double-sided plow, single-wheel iron wheel this product has been exported to the United States, France, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Iran, and other countries, and has won unanimous praise from customers for production batches.

It can achieve a variety of field operations, and each function is ahead of domestic products in the same industry. Different accessories can be installed to ditch, ridge, soil, fight, sow, rotary tillage, loosening, cultivating, deep plowing, weeding, fertilizing, spraying Drugs, insecticides, mulching, watering, land reclamation, power generation, deep trenches, partial soil, buried vines, ridges, field transportation, etc., are different from other less-functional pastoral management machines.

Second, small and flexible

The garden management machine is 0.45 meters wide, 0.85 meters long and 1.4 meters long. It weighs 80-100 kilograms and can work in different terrains and soils such as small plots of land, greenhouses, tea gardens, hills and mountains that large machinery cannot enter. It can be equipped with different widths according to the needs of various crops. It is very suitable for all kinds of small plot operations and is more suitable for large plots.

Third, the operation is simple

The operating handle is flexible, can adjust the height according to the height of the person and the height of the planting crop, and can be rotated 360 degrees, suitable for operation in any direction, worry-free, men and women can operate with confidence.

Safe and durable

The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, the steel of the fuselage is all thickened, the chain and the gear are driven, and the cutters are all forged by the steel. Safety bezels on the front and back, eliminating the worries of your operation

Small trencher parameters:

Transmission mode: belt tensioner, gearbox

Start mode: hand / electric start

Handle: 360-degree rotation (16 positionings)

Position the handle up and down: 6 positions

Gear position: fast, slow, reverse

Forward speed: 4.5/9.8 km/h (fast and slow)

Back speed: 3.2km/h

Ditch depth: 10-40CM (free and shallow)

Ditch width 20-60CM

Weight: 95, 105, 108, 125 kg

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