Fuel Hot Air Blower


Scope of use for fuel hot air blower

Hot air blower use factory workshop, material warehouse, moisture-proof drying, local heating construction site, road bridge, cement maintenance, field heating oil drilling, coal mining area, deicing and antifreezing, equipment insulation railway airport, yacht ship, paint drying, construction insulation Military vehicle equipment, command tents, mobile heating, convenient heating greenhouses, venue clubhouses, clean heat, rapid heating.

Advantage of  Fuel Hot Air Blower

1. The air temperature of the fuel hot air blower is adjustable. The adjustment range is from 30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. It can adjust automatically, semi-automatically and manually according to different requirements of the plant.

2. The fuel hot air blower adopts direct combustion type indirect heating, which heats up quickly, and the hot air is dry and fresh, which greatly improves the indoor working temperature and humidity environment, which is beneficial to the health of the personnel and the improvement of production efficiency.

3. The fuel hot air blower adopts the three-return design, which has high efficiency and greatly reduced cost.

4. The fuel hot air pipe network is evenly supplied with air, which is especially suitable for large space heat, which is irreplaceable for the traditional heating system.

5. The initial investment of fuel hot air blower is less than 60% of the traditional boiler heating system. There is no manual duty required for traditional boiler plumbing, slag removal, water quality treatment, boiler water pipe maintenance. And other expenses, which greatly saves operating costs. Therefore, the hot air blower saves about half of the overall cost of the traditional boiler, and the economic benefits are very obvious.
Fuel Hot Air Blower

Use attention of Fuel Hot Air Blower

1. The hot air blower must use regular clean diesel or kerosene! According to the weather, the temperature should replace in time.

2. The hot air blower must follow the correct opening and closing process, especially when shutting down, do not pull the power directly, wait until the fan stops rotating and then pull the power!

3. Please connect the power supply to the construction site or the place where the voltage is unstable!

4. When using the equipment, ensure sufficient air intake, and keep a hemispherical object with a radius of 2 meters with the equipment as the center.

5. The outlet temperature of the hot air blower is very high. It is strictly forbidden to blow directly against flammable and explosive materials.

6. Indirect combustion hot air blowers must follow the installation requirements of the flue.

7. When the hot air blower is refueling, it must stop and power off. In order to prevent oil from contaminating electrical equipment such as circuit boards, it is necessary to use a special oiler to refuel.

8. The hot air blower must clean regularly, especially the fuselage and air intake.

9. If the hot air blower does not work properly, please stop using it immediately and contact the service personnel. Forbidden to use!

10. If there are other unclear problems, please refer to the instruction manual or contact the service personnel.
Fuel Hot Air Blower working

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