Fruit Tree Fertiliser


Introduction for fruit tree fertiliser

It consists of a catheter and a plastic bucket, and a fruit tree fertiliser. Install first when using.

Installation of Fruit Tree Fertiliser

1. Firstly, Connect the conduit to the plastic bucket and the fruit fertilizer and snap the circlip.
2. Secondly, set the fertilizer adjustment knob to the required amount of fertilizer.
3. Thirdly, set the depth bolt to the desired depth.
4. Fourthly, add the required fertilizer to the backpack. After the installation is complete, you can fertilize

Fruit tree fertiliser

Fertilization specific operation

1: Carry the backpack and move the fruit fertilizer to the desired fertilized fruit tree.
2: Hold the handle, open the pedal and press the pedal hard.
3: The fruit tree fertilizer with the pedal to the set position, continue to press down until the duckbill is fully open, filled with fertilizer.
4: The right foot unloads and keeps the duckbill open, gently shaking the handle by hand, so that the fruit fertilizer is reset under the action of the spring. (Note: Do not move your right foot too fast, otherwise the duckbill will close too quickly, causing the fertilizer to stay in the duckbill to affect the fertilization effect).
5. The right foot leaves the pedal and gently shakes the fruit tree fertilizer by hand to automatically reset under the spring return.
6. Move the fruit tree fertilizer to fertilize the next fruit tree.
Note: If single fertilization does not meet the crop growth needs, fertilization can be carried out in four directions.
Fruit tree fertilizers are suitable for crops: forest trees, fruit trees, grapes, seedlings, and other large fertilizer crops.
Fruit tree fertiliser working

Specific parameters of the fruit tree fertilizer

Capacity: 13Kg
Net weight: 5kg
Fertilization amount: 20-160g
Fertilization depth: 12-20cm

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