Fertilizing, Sowing, Spraying, Mulching Ridging All In One Peanut Planter


The precision pneumatic seed drill uses a vertical disc type air purifier to achieve precise seeding of peanuts.
China’s top famous brand peanut planter and ISO9001

Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine, multi-purpose, suitable for large seeds such as peanuts, soybeans, cotton, etc., can achieve single seeding. There is only one seed in one hole, and no seedlings are needed. The seeding is accurate and the seedlings are even and firm. We are the professional Multi-Function Peanut Planter supplier, welcome to consult 2-4 rows Multi-Function Peanut Planter price.

The line spacing can be adjusted by changing the seed suction cup. China Peanut Planter Equipment is mainly used for sowing peanuts and soybeans. The equipment spacing can be changed by adjusting the chain drive system or replacing the seed suction cup.

We installed a 16-hole seed cup and made a rigorous adjustment to the seed cleaner so that no new adjustments were made to the customer in the event of voids and individual seed rates.
By changing the transmission radio, 16-hole seed cups can achieve different plant spacings, such as 200, 240, 250, 310 mm, etc.

Using excellent seeds, the germination rate should be greater than 95%, coating or pre-soaking in pesticides, improving seed quality, good seed fluidity, and no adhesive. It is strictly forbidden to use powder dressing to avoid loss of pesticide efficacy and block the seed suction hole.

Deep sowing ensures that the fertilizer is 40 mm deeper than the seed. The parallel link profile ensures that the planting mechanism can carry out contour lines on flat, valley or slope, so the planting depth is consistent.

How to solve the blockage problem of Fertilizing, Sowing, Spraying, Mulching Ridging all in one Peanut Planter
The blockage is a problem often encountered by many China Peanut Planter Equipment, and it is also a headache that plagues most farmers. Is there any good way to solve the problem of blockage of peanut deep sowing machine? Let’s take a look at it together.

At present, the methods for solving the problem of no-tillage planter blockage in the field of agricultural machinery in China are mainly divided into passive anti-blocking and power-driven anti-blocking.

Passive anti-blocking is a common method used in traditional agriculture, including mechanical structures such as dividers and grass cutters. This structure is relatively simple, and the cost of processing and manufacturing is relatively low. This method is extremely rare in the region every year and year. Common and effective. In the two seasons of the year, due to the large amount of straw covered, the water content of the straw is higher when the peanut deep sowing machine is planted, and the effect of passive anti-blocking is affected. For this reason, the power is adopted. Drive anti-blocking is more suitable.

Power-driven anti-blocking mainly includes straight knife crushing, rotary tilling, belt crushing, inclined driving disc and horizontal grass wheel, but also has large soil turnover, low working efficiency and high power consumption. The transmission structure is complicated and so on. The international Fertilizing, Sowing, Spraying, Mulching Ridging all in one Peanut Planter technology uses multi-beams to increase the distance between the two openers and increase their own weight as well as cutting straw or roots to solve the no-till planter The blockage problem encountered, but because of its large size, it is only suitable for the use of cultivated land with a wide range of flat terrain, and is not suitable for use in small plots and complex terrains in China.
An important way to solve the blockage of the peanut deep-soiler is to keep the correct specifications when using the Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine; be sure to remove any remaining debris from the blade immediately after use. This will make the peanut deeper planter more efficient. We are the professional Multi-Function Peanut Planter supplier, welcome to consult 2-4 rows Multi-Function Peanut Planter price.

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