Feed pellet Machine Features and advantages


Feed pellet Machine description

The pellet machine is also called a feed pellet machine. It is the main machine for making feed pellets. It is mainly divided into two types, namely flat die pellet machine and ring mold feed pellet machine. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses particles by crushing materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk. It is widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, grain and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plants.

Feed pellet Machine Features

  1. Feed vertically, directly in place.
  2. The mold is stationary, the pressure roller rotates, the material is centrifuged, and it is distributed around.
  3. The second layer of the mold, the upper and lower use, reduce the cost and increase efficiency; can also be dual-use, high-yield and energy-saving.
  4. Ring mold, vertical structure, which is conducive to heat dissipation and cooling of the granulation chamber.
  5. Independent discharge device to ensure the formation rate of particles.
  6. Independent lubrication system for automatic lubrication without stopping

Feed pellet Machine advantages

  1. The mold of the unique pellet machine is upward and vertical feeding, directly in place, which is conducive to heat dissipation.
  2. The mold is stationary, the pressure roller rotates, the material is centrifuged, and the cloth is distributed around
  3. Two-layer mold, multi-function, high efficiency: the mold has two parts, two different sizes of apertures can be selected to produce two different specifications of finished products. When the material with good adhesion is pressed, the high-pressure wheel and the two-layer mold can be used, and the output reaches four times. Any flat die or ring die can’t be done.
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