Features of the dry and wet peanut picking machine


The middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine is a new type of peanut picking equipment. It is a very useful machine for agricultural machinery. Although the operation of the device is simple, there are a few things to note when using it. Pay attention to these items to improve efficiency and use them correctly. And when using it, we know that before harvesting peanuts, they were planed out by hand, and they were often very tired. The advent of the peanut picker has improved work efficiency.

Before using the peanut picker, you need to check the equipment for damaged parts, and if necessary, repair it in time. In use, if you hear abnormal sounds during the operation of the peanut picker, you must stop the machine and check the fault in time before continuing to use it. It is forbidden to overload the peanut picker. Professional adjustments are required every day. After use, the equipment needs to be cleaned and then maintained. To make better use of the device next time.

Features of the dry and wet peanut picking machine

1. Dry and wet peanut picking machine is suitable for the separation of seedlings from the ground peanuts.
2. After picking and selecting, the peanuts are clean and free of any excess. After drying, can directly store them in bags.
3. Convenient operation, reliable performance, clean fruit picking, high efficiency, less crushing, and small power supply.
4. The machine can also be operated by a belt link with the tractor (diesel engine), which can control the machine speed and greatly reduce the crushing rate of chemical production!

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