Features and advantages of vegetable seed grain planting machine


Small particle seed and various vegetable seed planters are small machines used in dry fields. The seeding effect is good. Applicable to all ridge crops in dryland crops. The seeding effect is good. It can sesame seeds, rapeseed, peanuts, corn, wheat, broad beans, and so on, there are many granular seeds. Applicable to all ridge crops in dryland crops. Achieve a one-person operation. It is the best production equipment for farmers to realize agricultural mechanization. The device is easy to start, light and durable. The overall board design is durable and durable.

Aike Machinery produces the vegetable seed planting machine for tractor mounted, has a large and small pod. It can sow a variety of seeds. Easy to start, light and durable. The overall board design, one-shot molding, is sturdy and durable. Bold handles. User-friendly high-quality hand throttle design. The unique main wheel design does not slip, the dust is less, and the leakage to the gearbox and the entanglement are reduced. The new model adds a high and low neutral gear clutch function. The unique main wheel design does not slip, and the dust is less, reducing the leakage and entanglement to the gearbox.

Features of vegetable seed grain planting machine

1. The body is light: suitable for all kinds of people farmers.

2. Convenient, time-saving and labor-saving.

3. Adjustable seeding: The flywheel of the fixed power conveyor belt is composed of multiple card slots, and the density of seeding can adjust according to different actual conditions. It can achieve the ideal effect of not using seedlings and shaving.

4. Seedlings are evenly distributed small competitiveness. Miao Qi, Miao Zhuang and increase production by 10% – 20%.

5. Saving environmental protection: People provide power to reduce expenses and pollution.

6. The structure is simple: the work situation is clear at a glance and is sturdy and durable, the body is made of aluminum alloy. Precision production, throwing away the brush and plastic wheel in the traditional sowing process, greatly extending the service life.

7. A wide range of applications: leaf rapeseed, cabbage, mustard, cabbage, Shanghai green, big head green, baby dishes, lettuce, and other micro-vegetable seeds!

8. Accurate and uniform seeding: the limited number of plates under the seed, can control the amount of material, accurate and uniform seeding!

Advantage of vegetable seed grain planting machine

1. Professionalism. It has independent technical patents such as “small grain seeds such as millet. Single seed under the grain, spacing setting, seedling emergence per plant”.

2. Does are not hurt the seeds. Excludes many defects such as skin peeling, crushing, eye-catching, lack of seedlings, and the emergence of seedlings.

3. Technical rigor. The seeding system is divided into a number of core functions such as “small amount of initial row, secondary dispersion. Plant spacing control, single grain finishing, residual adjustment, and accurate soil introduction”. “Ditching, sowing, covering soil,” and many other operations were completed.

4. Dry crops to protect seedlings. The company has improved the leading technologies of drought-resistant sowings, such as “dry soil does not enter the ditch. Wet soil does not produce ridges, and the next kind of wet soil layer, dry crops are preserved”.

5. Timely protection. Mechanized technical guarantees such as “stealing, protecting, waiting for squatting, looting, timely, waiting for time, and grabbing time” in arid areas.

6. Taking into account the comprehensive. Less failure, no risk, and low effort. Only one-tenth of the labor intensity of the tiller is required. It combines excellent traits such as “saving labor, saving seeds, saving time, labor-saving, Miaoquan, Miaoyun, Miao Zhuang, tidying, no need for seedlings, nourishing and nourishing seedlings, high quality, and good yield”.

Aike Machinery specializes in the production of vegetable seed drills. Now China vegetable seed grain planting machine for sale, and welcomes you to come to the test machine.

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