Features and advantages of 2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester


Features of 2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester

1. It can not only harvest the ear of corn but also chop the corn stalk to achieve the purpose of returning the straw to the field.

2. Hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester machine can easily installed on tractors with more than 50 horsepower.

3. The unit is used with small tractors, and the tractor can remove to do other operations.

4. The corn harvester has high working efficiency and can receive 6-8 mu per hour. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the failure rate is extremely low.

5. Not subject to planting row spacing, no need to manually open the road, adapt to the local planting mode.

6. Hydraulic lifting header: 2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester header can adjust at any time according to the height of the head to achieve the best harvesting effect.

7. Hydraulic unloading device: After the 2 rows of corn harvesters are harvested, they can directly unload onto the agricultural transporter, saving time and effort.

Advantage of 2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester

1. A wide range of supporting power: Single-cylinder small four-wheel tractors of more than 18 horsepower distributed throughout the country. The annual sales volume is more than 300,000 units, which has become the main force of rural mechanization.

2. Full-featured: corn harvesters on the agricultural machinery market are single products, can only harvest corn cobs, cannot return straw. The supporting straw returning machine is too powerful in theory. New mode farm harvesting machine small corn harvester designed with picking and returning machine, the design is reasonable, and the operation of picking up the ear. Collecting the pile, smashing the stalk and returning the field is done at one time.

3. The price is reasonable, easy to promote: the average corn harvester on the market is about 4-5 million yuan, and 2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester is much cheaper than the corn harvester on the market. It belongs to an economical and practical corn harvester.

4. Low breakage rate: The corn harvester recently designed a Fuhe system to force the corn stalks into the Fuhe. Changing the traditional defect of pushing the corn to the high rate of picking the ears, allowing the mature corn to enter the farmer to the maximum extent. Friend’s granary.

5. Not limited by the spacing of corn: According to our factory survey, most of the northeast line spacing is around 65-70CM, and there are 80CM line spacing in Hebei and Henan. According to the actual situation of the survey, our factory harvested 2 rows of corn harvesters. The line spacing design to 40-85CM. Because it is a two-line harvest, it overcomes the problem that corn is not right.

Diversification OF Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester equipment

Diversified functions. The biggest problem of the corn harvester is that it has a short operation time and low-cost performance. In recent years, the company has made a lot of explorations from the aspects of functional enrichment. Such as corn and wheat harvesting machine, multifunctional corn harvester, stem, and ear harvesting machine, etc. It takes the same amount of money to collect a few crops, and it is also the same money for the user to earn the income of several jobs.

Diversified models. The current corn harvester can say to able to complete almost all the needs, picking machine, grain machine, silage harvester, fresh corn harvester. Stem, and ear harvester, picking machine has two rows, three rows, four rows. The main sales models such as the five-line and six-row lines, as well as mountain-specific machines and seed-specific machines.
Concentric diversity. The most gratifying change in the corn harvester industry in recent years is based on the derivatives of corn harvesters. The models that have been seen on the market include peanut pickers, pepper harvesters, stevia harvesters, seed melon harvesters. And sunflower harvests. Machine, soybean harvester, etc.

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