Farm used Machinery Factory Price Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester


30-75hp tractor mounted work width 48-78 cm peanut harvester, mainly for peanuts unearthed after drying, harvesting, picking, clearing, fruit vine separation, stems and chopped, into the box. The structure of the model is reasonable, the technology is advanced, the results are clean, the separation is thorough, and the fruit breaking rate is low; the traditional link of picking the peanuts to the site for fruit picking and clearing is eliminated, and the labor force is further released.

The farm used machinery factory price tractor mounted combine peanut harvester has realized a revolution in peanut harvest in China; it is the ideal model for the majority of peanut harvesting users. Aike factory directly supply for peanut groundnut harvester, exempts middlemen, and the price is reasonable. Welcome to consult.

Product advantages of Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester

1. The whole machine has a new design, novel style, popular elements, and more characteristics of the times;

2. New shock absorption, sealing, luxury cab, built-in new hydraulic control, comfortable operation, not easy to fatigue;

3. Equipped with a working instrument display, showing the numerical control drum speed, fan speed, easy to operate, intuitive;

4. Equipped, mobile phone charger, washing water tank, reserved air conditioning interface, care everywhere;

5. Use the floating nip roller to pick up the table to avoid clogging and facilitate maintenance;

6. Adjustable bridge bottom plate, suspended bridge feed wheel, good fluency, cushioning peanuts and reducing crushing;

7. Optimize the fruit picking system, the work efficiency is high, the picking fruit is soft, and the breaking rate is low;

8. Reinforced clearing screen box, reliable and durable, and more applicable;

9. Using D 3.5 type large clutch gearbox, reliable and durable;

10. Optional rear brake steering axle, mechanical rear drive, hydraulic rear drive, more selective and adaptable;

11. During the use of the equipment, tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land;

12. Driven by tractor high-efficiency peanut harvester for farm, which is easy to operate.

Maintenance tips of Peanut Harvester

1. The tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land does not need human power, saving a lot of labor costs.

2. After the operation complete, first, remove the soil on the harvester components, and remove the remaining peanut shells, broken stalks, and other attachments on the machine every day, especially to remove the weeds and other attachments. After using the peanut harvester for one week, grease the joints, bearings, etc., and inspect and replenish other lubrication points.

3. Check the wear of the peanut harvester belt. If the belt of the harvester is seriously worn, replace the belt with a new one.

4. Check whether the rack, the wheel train is connected to the fastening part, whether the tension rods of the tie rods or the anti-loose pins are loose or loose, and tighten and replace them in time.

5. Lubricate all friction parts in time; all the chains installed outside should lubricate with oil every day. The chain should remove every 3-5 days and clean in a cleansing oil. The problems found during the inspection should adjust or repair in time to eliminate the faults that have occurred and to avoid new faults.

Aike specializes in the production of the farm used machinery factory price tractor mounted combine peanut harvester, factory directly supply for peanut groundnut harvester, welcome users who need to come to buy.

specifications of Peanut harvester

Support Machine size Structure quality (kg) Working width Input seed Adapt to the ridge planting Working efficiency Net harvest rate Damage rate
18-40 horsepower  2200 * 800 * 900mm  218 80 cm 540-720r / min Line spacing 15-30cm

Flat planting width 45 cm

Narrow line spacing 25 cm

4-6 mu/hour 99.5% ≤1%
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