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Description of Rotary tiller

The rotary tiller has the functions of breaking the bottom layer of the plow, restoring the soil layer structure, improving the soil water storage capacity, eliminating some weeds, reducing pests and diseases, leveling the surface and improving the standard of agricultural mechanization.

Composition of Rotary tiller

The rotary tiller is divided into many models according to the width of the village site, and the small one is attached to the walking tractor, and the large and medium-sized tractor is attached to the four-wheel tractor. The rotary tiller generally consists of a working part, a transmission part, and an auxiliary part: the working part is composed of a cutter shaft, a blade, and a knife seat; the transmission part is composed of a universal joint, a transmission shaft, and a gearbox; the auxiliary part is composed of a suspension frame and a side plate, The mudguard board and the flat soil plate are composed.

Working principle of Rotary tiller

The rotary tiller uses the power output from the tractor to drive the rotary tiller to cut and flip the soil and throws the cut clods back into the mud shield to further break the clod, and then the flat plate drags the ground surface. , completed the arable land and land operations at one time.

Rotary Machine


Use the method of Rotary tiller

1. New purchase of rotary tiller inspection
Before using the newly purchased rotary tiller, it is necessary to check whether the parts and fasteners are lost or loose during transportation, and if necessary, the relevant parts must be filled or tightened.

2. Rotary tiller power connection
The rotary tiller is driven by the driveshaft to the output shaft of the tractor to drive the rotary tiller blade. When connecting suspension, install the universal joint and safety pin on the rotary tiller, and install another universal joint on the tractor. When the tractor is suspended under the tractor and lifted to the same height as the rotary tiller suspension pin, reverse the vehicle. Install the driveshaft, hang up and down, press the upper lock pin, and press the upper suspension.

The opening of the first and adjacent universal joints at both ends shall be on the same plane. The long end of the drive shaft must match the model of the tractor to ensure that the shaft and the sleeve are neither dead nor adequately coordinated when the rotary tiller is lifted. Length and follow the standard three-point suspension link.

Second, when running in, first add gear oil to the distance of 25 cm from the screw mouth, then raise the rotary tiller, start the tractor to run in place, shut down after 2 hours of operation, release the gear oil, add the right amount of diesel, Remove the dirt at the bottom of the gearbox, release the diesel oil, tighten the oil drain bolt, and add the qualified gear oil to the specified quantity according to the instruction manual. Check whether the blade is loose or damaged during transportation. If it is loose or damaged. Should be reinforced or replaced.


Rotary tiller

3. Adjustment OF Rotary tiller

After the rotary tiller connection inspection, in order to make the plowing depth, soil and soil meet the agricultural requirements, adjustments should be made.

Adjustment of plow depth
In general, the working depth of the rotary tiller should not be less than 10 cm. The rotary tiller matched with the walking tractor can adjust the depth of the cultivated land by changing the height of the tail wheel, and turn the adjusting handle when adjusting. The rotary tiller matched with the wheeled tractor is controlled by the hydraulic system. Before adjusting the tillage depth, adjust the length of the tractor pull rod until the rotary tiller and the drive shaft are basically in a plane, and then adjust the hydraulic cylinder piston rod. The unloader sets the depth of the rotary tiller.

Horizontal adjustment
In order to ensure the same depth of rotation on both sides of the left and right sides, it should be checked whether the distance between the two sides of the blade is the same. If the distance from the ground is inconsistent, the two sides of the tractor should be adjusted until the distance between the two sides of the rotary cutter is the same.

Adjustment of the angle of the driveshaft
In order to make the driveshaft and the universal joint rotate smoothly when the rotary tiller is connected, measure the distance between the two sides of the rotary tiller and the rear wheel with a ruler to determine whether the angle between the driveshaft and the forward direction is the same. If the angle is inconsistent, adjust The tractor pulls the rod to make the rotary tiller work in the most favorable condition.

Height adjustment
If the tilt angle of the universal joint upwards exceeds 30°, the power loss of the universal joint will increase, and the universal joint will be easily damaged. For example, when the ground turning, if the power of the rotary tiller is first removed and the working efficiency is affected, the transmission is required. In the middle of the rotary tiller, but the lifting height must be limited, generally raised to 15 cm – 20 cm from the tip of the knife.

Blade adjustment
According to different farming requirements, there are three ways to install and adjust the blade:

(1) Interlaced mode
Generally, it is installed into the most commonly used interlacing mode or spiral mode. In a staggered way, one left and right machete are installed on the same plane. The blades at the outer ends of the outer shaft of the knife are bent in all directions so that the clods are not thrown to the sides. After the plowing, the land is leveled and leveled.
(2) Outward mode
The blades at the outer ends of the arbor are bent inward, and the blades in the middle are outwardly bent to be outward. After the outward plowing, the clods are thrown to the sides to form a shallow ditch, which is suitable for the disassembly work.
(3) Inward mode
The blades are bent in the middle of the cutter shaft. After the plowing, the middle Qilong is suitable for the former farming. It can also make the unit work in the cross-ditch and work as a gutter. Note: When rearranging the blades, the blade edge should be the same as the knife. The direction of rotation of the shaft is the same, otherwise, the rotary tiller will shake during work and damage the machine in severe cases.


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