Factory Directly New Small Rice Mill Introduction


2019 New Type Small Rice Mill Introduction

With the continuous improvement of rice varieties, the production of slender grain rice is getting higher and higher in recent years. The traditional rice mill will increase the broken rice rate due to backward technology. The arrangement of the traditional rice milling machine is unreasonable and the process is backward, resulting in insufficient air volume and low wind pressure through the rice milling chamber. The grain settles at the bottom of the rice milling chamber under the action of its own weight, and the fluidity is poor. The rice sports area is not fully utilized.

Type of  Factory Directly New Small Rice Mill

In order to improve the processing quality of rice, it is necessary to use one machine or two machines to increase the pressure inside the rice mill, but it will cause the rice temperature to rise, together with the high-explosion waist rate of the original rice, during the rice milling process. Will produce a lot of broken rice. Therefore, in order to reduce the broken rice rate and improve the quality of rice, it is necessary to adopt a multi-machine light grinding process.

Maintenance method of New Small Rice Mill

1. When the rice mill is shut down, always add some lubricating oil to the bearing shell to make it run faster.
2. Regularly perform a detailed inspection of the body to prevent malfunctions during work.
3. The rice mill should not let some children play alongside when working, so as not to cause injury.

milling machine

Use tips of rice mill

1. Before using the rice milling machine, you must ensure that the inside is clean. There must be no metal or other debris inside, so as not to damage the machine during use;

2. In order to ensure the accuracy of the style, after the rice is milled, it is necessary to take out the front rotating block and clean the residue;

3. The number of brown rice samples and whitening time is determined by the degree of whitening of brown rice, the low whitening accuracy is less than the number of high-precision samples, the time is short;

4. When the rice milling machine is used for a long time, the sticky rice stick to the grinding wheel will affect the whiteness of the rice milling. At this time, the grinding wheel should be disassembled, the powder is cleaned up, and then replaced and reused.


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