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 Features of tractor front spreader

The spreader produced by our factory is simple to use, which can make your spraying operation in the field fast and even, and reduce the labor intensity of manual spreading.


Technical parameters of tractor front spreader

Capacity: 240 kg Spreading range: 1-8 meters
Fertilizer amount: 10-150 kg/mu Efficiency: 20-30/h
Motor voltage: 12V Power: 150/180W
Hopper thickness: 3.5mm Weight: 32 kg
Dimensions: 800*600*800 (mm)
Tractor Front Spreader

Tractor front spreader use

1. Install the spreader correctly on the head of a large or small tractor and connect the tractor 12V battery power supply.
2. The fertilizer box can hold 100 kg of fertilizer, can spread 25-30 acres per hour.
3. Speed switch, you can adjust the speed of spreading, that is, the speed of the motor.
4. The adjustment handle can be opened and closed at any time, and the amount of throwing fertilizer can be adjusted.
5. When the material is found to be biased to one side or the left and right are different, the outlet of the funnel outlet should be adjusted in the opposite direction, and the left and right widths can be the same.

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