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Introduction to the disc harrow

A cultivating machine that uses a disc plow as a working component. The disc is usually a part of a hollow spherical surface, the edge of which is ground to cut the grass and into the soil. The disc is separately supported on the bearing of the plow. The disc surface is at an angle to the advancing direction and the vertical direction, respectively. α and inclination β. On the standard disc plough, there are 3 to 6 disc ploughs.

During work, the unit advances, the disc rolls into the soil. And the soil shovel rises along the concave surface of the disc while the fit of the moldboard makes the soil collapse and break. The disc plough is suitable for heavy, dry, rocky, multi-rooted soil. It does not require frequent sharpening and replacement, low maintenance costs. And does not form a solid groove bottom. Although the covered wreckage is not complete enough. It is beneficial to prevent water loss in the arid land and salt return in saline soil.

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Structure of Disc harrow

Disc plough includes a left arm housing, a left arm, a gearbox, a transmission gear, a meshing sleeve, a joystick, a sprocket box, a disc shaft, and a disc. And the lever is mounted on the gearbox and connected to the sleeve The utility model also comprises a left box body. A driving shaft, a right box body, a driven shaft, a driving bevel gear, and a driven bevel gear. The transmission gear is set on the driving shaft, the engaging sleeve is set on the driving shaft. And the driving bevel gear is fixed on the driving shaft.

The output end has meshed with the driven bevel gear, and the driven bevel gear is fixed at the input end of the driven shaft. The sprocket box is equipped with a driving sprocket and a driven sprocket. The driving sprocket and the driven sprocket are double sprocket wheels. The driving sprocket and the driven sprocket are connected by a double chain. The driving sprocket is fixedly connected with the output end of the driven shaft, and the driven sprocket is fixedly connected with the disc shaft. Figure 1 is a schematic view of the suspended disc plow structure

Disc Harrow

 Application features of Disc harrow

This disc plow is matched with the three-point suspension of the tractor. During the operation, the plough rotates and the soil is ploughed. It is suitable for weeds in the mature land and wasteland in the dryland area. The stem is erect and the soil specific resistance is large. There are ploughing operations of complex farmland such as masonry fragments in the soil. It has the characteristics of not entangled grass, no blockage, no bauxite. Ability to cut crop stems and overcome bricks and stones, high work efficiency. Good work quality, convenient adjustment, simple and durable.

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