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The Hexie Machinery Co., Ltd. independently developed small garden tractor is mainly used for garden design. This machine has a low price, high work efficiency, and the rotary cutter is designed and developed according to customer needs. It is a new type of trenching equipment specially designed for 15-95 horsepower tractors. It is achieved by installing an ultra-low speed transmission on a common tractor to achieve low-speed slowing so that the groove depth is unified up and down, and the width is symmetrical. The machine adopts a rotary opener, the ditch width is 10-40 cm, the ditch depth is adjustable, the ditch depth is 160 cm, and the ditching speed can reach 50-500 m per hour. The groove-shaped groove is straight, the wall is steep, the groove depth and the groove width are uniforms, and the artificial and excavator cannot open the groove shape.

Advantage of small garden tractor

The newly developed multi-functional small garden tractor, with short body and full horsepower, is an ideal agricultural machine for hilly areas, fruit tree plant protection, loose soil, fertilization, fruit transportation, etc. It is also smart and easy to use in the vineyard area, and it has reached a multi-purpose machine. Exported to many foreign countries, praised by international experts.
Reputation, innovation, quality, and service are the goals pursued by the Agricultural Development Corporation. Constantly pursuing high quality, high-tech content, high reliability, and high service quality is the driving force of the agricultural development company. The orchard tractor has made breakthroughs in innovation and quality. The model is compact, flexible and beautiful in appearance. The design is reasonable. Has obtained national patents.

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Features of small garden tractor

Orchard tractor 15-32 hp, is a group of general-purpose wheeled tractors, which are suitable for plains, mountains, hills, paddy fields, orchards, grasslands, and pastures, and can complete, plowed. Various fields in the field, sowing fertilization, harvesting, etc., can also be transported and fixed. The tractors have the following characteristics:
1. There are many types of tractors: both ordinary and low-profile, which can be divided into the side seats. It can meet the needs of different customer groups.
2. It can be divided into two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive tractor. Compared with tractors of the same power, these models have better adhesion, large traction, passability, operability, maneuverability, and work stability. It meets the needs of paddy fields, hills, grasslands, soft ground, wetland, and complex terrain. It has high productivity and good economic benefits. It can be equipped with a hydraulic steering device, which is flexible and convenient to operate and reduces the labor intensity of the driver.
3. The tractor has a narrow track, a middle track, and a wide track to meet the needs of different regions.

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