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Introduction of disc harrow

Disc harrows belong to tillage machinery. The disc harrow is one of the more important land preparation machines in tillage and finishing machinery. There are many large pores between the plowed dry land. The degree of looseness of the soil and the flatness of the ground cannot meet the requirements for sowing and planting. Therefore, land preparation must carry out to create good conditions for the germination and growth of crops. The disc harrow is mainly used for crushed soil after plowing in dry land and loose soil and weeding before sowing. It can also be used for shallow tillage and mites after harvesting. It can also be used for field management of orchard and straw land. It has been widely used at home and abroad. Its main features are: passive rotation, strong grass breaking ability, certain cutting, soil and soil turning functions, low power consumption, high operating efficiency, and can be used in cultivated land. Can work in uncultivated land, work adaptability is strong. However, if you do not understand the structural principle of the machine during use, and do not pay attention to correct operation, it often leads to mechanical damage and personal injury accidents.

Disc Harrow

Construction characteristics of the disc harrow

The disc harrow generally consists of a cymbal group, a truss, a yaw adjustment mechanism, and a hooking device. The cymbal group consists of a cymbal, an inter-tube, a square shaft, a bearing, and a scraper. The center of the cymbal is a square hole that is placed over the square shaft. During operation, the cymbal and the square shaft rotate together. The two ends of the square shaft are locked with a nut, and the cymbal group is worn on the square shaft to form a whole body. The bearing and the truss are connected, and the cymbal is on the same shaft. The middle of the piece is separated by a tube. In order to remove the dirt attached to the bracts, a scraper is placed on the beam of the raft.

The truss is used to install the disc harrow set, adjustment mechanism, and hooking device. Some trusses are also equipped with load boxes to add weights as necessary to increase and maintain the depth of the raft. The yaw adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the yaw angle of the disc harrow to meet the requirements of different depths. The angle adjuster is available in the form of a screw, a toothed plate, a hydraulic type, a plug type, a pressure plate type, and a hand lever type.

The traction and squeegee type yaw adjustment mechanism are composed of upper and lower sliding plates, tooth plates and brackets. The bracket is fixed on the traction main beam, and the upper and lower sliding plates are fixed together with the traction frame and can move along the main beam, and the moving range is limited by the bracket at the end of the tooth plate. The hand lever can be used to clamp any notch on the tooth plate to the bracket, and the twisted group is swung around the hinge point through a series of link mechanisms to obtain different yaw angles. The hitch is a disc harrow that is coupled to the tractor by a traction device or suspension device.

When the disc is smashed, the disc rolls forward under the traction force and cuts into the soil to a certain depth under the action of the gravity of the crucible and the reaction force of the soil. The compound motion of the one-turn rotation of the cymbal can be decomposed into purely rolling and non-rotating translational motion, so the trajectory of any point on the cymbal is a spiral.

Quality safety requirements of disc harrow

1. The structure of the machine should be reasonable, to ensure that the operator is not dangerous according to the instructions for use and maintenance, and the safety requirements should comply with the relevant national standards. Safety signs should be fixed in the dangerous parts and in accordance with the relevant national standards. For hand-operated parts, the operating surface should be smooth, free of burrs and sharp edges.

2. If it is suspended or semi-suspended, a safety sign “Caution! Keep away from the machine” should be attached near the suspension; if it is folded, it should be locked when transported and affixed with “Lock and fold during transportation” Group” and “Be careful! Stay away from the machine” safety signs.

3. The traction raft shall be fitted with a safety pin or other device capable of automatically detaching due to excessive force. The pin type pin must be of the specified material and specifications and is not allowed to be replaced.

4. The disc harrow landing mechanism should be safe and effective, flexible in operation and stable in motion. Hydraulic hoses, piping, and accessories should be placed reasonably and protected to ensure that liquid does not spray directly into the operator at the working location in the event of a rupture.

5. Transport gap of disc harrow: traction raft is not less than 150 mm, suspension, semi-suspension is not less than 200 mm. Small Tractor supporting disc harrow clearance below 18 kW is not subject to this limit.

6. The safety instructions for safe operation and maintenance should be included in the instruction manual and comply with the relevant national standards. A safety mark shall be posted on the machine and shall be stated in the instruction manual to indicate the posted position on the machine. For the safety signs indicated by the hazard figure, the meaning of the signs shall be stated.

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Safety instructions for the use of disc harrows

(1) Before use, check whether the fastening bolts and nuts are loose, especially the square shaft nuts must be tightened. The square shaft end nut should be tightened and locked, and the cymbal piece should not have any shaking. Otherwise, the inner hole of the cymbal will round the square shaft. The thickness of the blade edge should be less than 0.5 mm, the length of the blade defect should be less than 15 mm, and the defect on one cymbal should not exceed three, and the square shaft should be straight and free of defects.

(2) The hoisting and hoisting of the hoisting should be slow and stable, and it is not allowed to operate too hard. It is not allowed to use the body to increase the weight of the scorpion. Transfer of land and over-the-counter in the operation should be slow. When transporting the suspension raft, the lifting handle should be fixed, the limit chain should be properly adjusted, and the upper tie rod should be shortened to ensure the required transport gap.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to repair, inspect and adjust the hoe during the operation. It is not allowed to turn sharply during the tractor’s belt operation. It is not allowed to reverse the vehicle when it is pulled. It must be lifted and turned upside down before it can be lifted. When replacing the cymbal or removing the sputum, the tractor should first turn off or unhook.

(4) The safety pin on the traction boring bar can only be processed and replaced with low carbon steel material, and it is not allowed to replace or arbitrarily change the size with other materials. It is not allowed to use hard objects such as stones and irons to increase the weight of the weighting box. It is strictly forbidden to take passengers on the weighting box and the raft.

(5) When serious bauxite and dragging occur, the cause should be analyzed and excluded, and it is forbidden to forcibly operate. When you work near the ground, the cymbals are not allowed to touch the ridges, stone ridges, etc. After the parking, the hanging machine should be grounded, and it is not allowed to be parked frequently.

(6) When transferring land or short-distance transportation, the working mechanism of the hoe must be raised to the highest position to be locked, so that the agricultural tools are in the transportation position and the limit chain is tightened. During transportation, you are not allowed to sit or place heavy objects. High-speed driving and sharp turns are prohibited. For long-distance transportation, it is necessary to transport the vehicle separately or as a whole, and it is not allowed to carry it by itself.

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